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UFC 249 results: Calvin Kattar KO’s Jeremy Stephens with beautiful elbow

Calvin Kattar just knocked out Jeremy Stephens in the second round on the UFC 249 PPV main card.

UFC 249 is chugging right along, and the featherweight division just witnessed the #7 ranked, Jeremy Stephens, collide with the #9 ranked, Calvin Kattar. Stephens got off to a great start, throwing with bad intentions and keeping Kattar on the Blackfoot. Come round-two, Kattar started to let his hands go, and then unleashed a brutal elbow that dropped Stephens. Some followup ground strikes sealed the deal, which should shoot Kattar further up the rankings.

**It should be noted that Stephens missed weight by 4.5 pounds

Stephens came out winging haymakers at his opponent. He then started to attack with leg kicks before switching back to his boxing combos. Kattar seemed to have a tough time establishing some rhythm, while Stephens was dialed in from jump street. He did land one solid right hand that snapped back the head of Stephens just as the round came to a close.

Stephens continued to press forward in the second round, but Kattar was there to address the aggression with leg kicks. Kattar started to let his hands go and was connecting. Then, Kattar landed a missile of a right elbow that floored Stephens. He attacked with elbows on the ground, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

Calvin Kattar def. Jeremy Stephens by KO at 2:42 of round 2: Featherweight