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UFC 249 results: Greg Hardy takes decision over Yorgan De Castro

Greg Hardy just took a unanimous decision over Yorgan De Castro on the UFC 249 PPV main card.

The UFC 249 PPV main card is in progress, and was just opened up with heavyweight up and comers, Greg Hardy and Yorgan De Castro. The bout started with De Castro going right at the former NFL player, but Hardy weathered the early storm and fought his way back into the fight. The longer the fight went, the more the output of De Castro began to dwindle. It seemed as if De Castro injured his right foot at some point in the fight, which could explain his lack of volume. Hardy stayed active and racked up some volume on the feet, which aided him in securing the unanimous decision.

De Castro snuffed Hardy with a right hand right away. He kept the punches coming, going right at the former NFL player. Hardy ate some heavy leg kicks, but was able to weather the early storm. By the final minute of the round, Hardy began to find a groove and and established some offense of his own.

De Castro opened the second round with a stinging leg kick. The pace was on the slow side, as neither man really wanted to make a mistake. The output of De Castro began to slow down, prompting the volume of Hardy to increase. That same sort of tempo continued into the final round. De Castro just wasn’t throwing that much, allowing Hardy to comfortably pick his shots from the outside.

Greg Hardy def. Yorgan De Castro by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Heavyweight