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UFC 249’s Greg Hardy: My ‘overall goal’ is to ‘be the heavyweight Jon Jones’

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Greg Hardy is setting grand goals for himself.

Controversial bouts aside, Greg Hardy kept himself active throughout 2019. Controversial fights aside, he did bring some attention to himself and what he can offer inside the UFC Octagon.

As he begins his fighting year this weekend at UFC 249, “The Prince of War” is looking forward to show how much he’s evolved, so far.

“It’s going to sound like the cocky answer, but I feel like I’m exactly where I said I was going to be,” Hardy said (via “I feel like every single fight, the difference in my game, the difference that you see in Greg Hardy, the fighter, has been substantial.

“That was my goal, initially, to make sure the difference could be seen; to make sure I was maturing over time and applying it to every fight so that every fight, you get a better fighter, a more evolved fighter.”

The 31-year-old former NFL player says he’s “behind schedule” in terms of where he wants to be: a heavyweight version of the UFC’s reigning pound-for-pound king.

“I think I’ve accomplished every goal as far as that goes,” Hardy said. “But in terms of the different levels to this, I feel like right now, I would say I’m behind schedule.

“The overall goal is to be a well-rounded fighter. It’s to be the heavyweight Jon Jones. It’s to be Cain Velasquez. It’s to be those kinds of guys and I need to make sure after each and every fight that it’s continuing to come together.”

Hardy will kick off UFC 249’s main card when he faces the undefeated Yorgan de Castro.