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Fight Archives: Watch a blonde, 17-year-old Nate Diaz slap and tap a full-grown man

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The early days of the Stockton Slap in full display.

You’ve probably heard the story a few times now. If it weren’t for big brother Nick, Nate Diaz wouldn’t have gotten into fighting. We ultimately wouldn’t have the anti-hero that put the brakes on Conor McGregor’s rise to mainstream recognition, which made for one of the most compelling plot twists in recent MMA history.

Fighting has been ingrained in the Diazes’ bloodline since their formative years, and you could say that Nate’s MMA run is equally as impressive as his brother’s. He turned pro at 19 years old, began building a respectable reputation at 22, and achieved his hard-earned superstardom at 31.

But before the bright lights of prizefighting, Diaz made his bones through gym fights. Here is a clip of what is believed to be his first-ever bout in 2002 against Team Kihon’s Robert Limon. The 17-year-old Diaz already had the tenacity and jiu-jitsu smarts to handle himself well.

Now 35 years of age, Diaz has indeed come a long way, enjoying the life of a “retiredsponsored athlete with his own clothing line. But here is a look back on his days as a young, blonde up-and-comer looking to make a name for himself.