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‘It felt weird!’ - Watch Tony Ferguson get tested for COVID-19 ahead of UFC 249

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Tony Ferguson had a diagnostic swab ahead of UFC 249.

UFC is reportedly making fighters undergo two types of COVID-19 testing for their upcoming events. The shows headliner in Tony Ferguson just had the more accurate — and much more uncomfortable — of the two tests, and he posted a video of the entire process. Watch the clip of the diagnostic swab below, which El Cucuy said “felt weird.”

“Covid-19 ‍♂️Testing” Essential To The Game,” Ferguson wrote ahead of his bout with Justin Gaethje.

According to UFC’s EVP of operation and production, Craig Borsari, most fighters will arrive on Wednesday, and results should come back “within 24 hours.” He also states that it wasn’t difficult to procure enough tests for everyone involved in their events this May.

“We were in a position where it wasn’t difficult for us to procure the right amount of tests to keep everybody safe,” Borsari told ESPN. “We also have Dr. [Jeffrey] Davidson, who is kind of overseeing exactly how they’ll be administered and the protocols to get results and clear people to get a clean bill of health to continue to work.”