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Eating weird bugs, avoiding Russians - Tiger Muay Thai MMA Training: Episode #3

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MMA Mania’s Andrew Richardson takes viewers inside his time training at the one of the world’s largest combat sports gyms: Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.

Episode one of Andrew Richardson’s journey to train at Tiger Muay Thai took viewers with him as he first stepped into one of the world’s largest combat sports facilities. His struggles to get himself back into fight shape, and the sweltering heat of Thailand. In Episode 2, Richardson detailed the gym’s approach to pro grappling classes as well as a visit to the Phuket ‘Night Market’ to try and find some interesting local delicacies.

While the attempt to find some new and fun food to eat may not have gone all that well last time around, Episode 3 found a lot more success.

Finally, one of the signature moments: bugs! Outside of eating insects, the primary focus of the episode is an MMA technique class, which focuses on mixing up striking and wrestling.

While in the technique class, the sheer number of active fighters drilling, as well as the heat and sweat made avoiding collisions difficult. Especially when there are a some fighters not just drilling, but hard sparring. And when there’s a language barrier between you and the fighters you want to keep from running you over? Things can get a bit hectic.

The mats at Tiger are absolutely packed, and combined with the amount of sweat from the intense heat, practice can quickly turn into an overcrowded slip-n-slide. If you want to leave the room with an intact ACL, it’s supremely important to be aware of your surroundings.

Especially if you’re among the lightest guys in the room like myself!

Check out the whole episode, and stay tuned for part 4, where Richardson gets an up-close look at a “semi-organized bar fight.”