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MMA SQUARED: Dana White gets Gaethje acquainted with new Fight Week procedure

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They’re not telling us what the safety procedures are, so this is just as plausible as any other idea.

Friends, I am torn. There’s no part of me that feels 100% certain about anything that will go down this Saturday night. I’ll feel so happy and excited to see almost every fight on the prelims and main card. I will also feel like a dirty, amoral, consumer, but only because my eyes will be glued to the screen. I hope you’re safe, and this pandemic is over so we can go back to chuckling about the entertaining dumpster fire that is MMA can resume.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you Wednesday.


I was interviewed by Mike Pendleton of the On The Mic podcast who is a big fan of MMA Squared and talk all about the cartoon. Have a listen here if you like.