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UFC on ESPN: Woodley vs. Burns live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC event in Las Vegas on ESPN and ESPN+, which features a big welterweight matchup in the main event.

UFC Fight Night Woodley v Burns: Weigh-Ins Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and full play-by-play as UFC on ESPN: Woodley vs. Burns goes down in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The headliner comes in the welterweight division, as former champion Tyron Woodley takes on rising contender Gilbert Burns in a key five-round matchup. The co-main is a heavyweight clash between Blagoi Ivanov and Augusto Sakai, both of whom want to crack the top-10.

The six-fight preliminary card is scheduled to start at 6pm ET/3pm PT on the big network, and there will be a stream on ESPN+ as well. The five-fight main card will kick off at 9pm ET/6pm PT on the same network, along with ESPN+.

We are only providing play-by-play for the main card. The bout order is below:

Main Card (9 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN+)

Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns

Round 1 - Woodley fires off a thunderous right hand but it misses. Leg kick by Burns and another one. Big right by Burns and Woodley is hurt! Burns unleashes with hammerfists on the ground but can’t get the finish! Full mount for Burns and he drops some elbows. Woodley is cut badly as Burns dishes out more punishment. Burns quickly bails on the one-armed guillotine but he goes back to the ground-and-pound from full mount. Woodley with an impressive escape and he’s back to his feet! Excellent recovery from the former champion. Body kick by Burns. Left hook by Burns. Body shot by Woodley gets through. Good leg kick by Burns. Body kick and a left hook by Burns underneath Woodley’s right hand. 10-8 Burns.

Round 2 - Nifty combo by Woodley capped off with a right hand that partially lands. Head kick by Durinho is blocked. Lots of feinting a tthe moment. Head kick partially blocked by Tyron. Burns is short on the right hand. Misses on a leg kick. Takedown by Burns on a brilliant level change. Burns throws some body punches with the left hand in Woodley’s guard. Knee to the body by Burns as Woodley steadily tries to stand back up. Heavy rights by Burns as Woodley is back to his feet. They’re clinched up near the fence and now against it. Knee to the body by Burns. Woodley reverses position but does nothing significant to win the round. 20-17 Burns.

Round 3 - Left hook by Burns. Durinho comes up short no the jab. Good right hand by Woodley that shakes up Burns but he shakes it off. Right hand catches Woodley and he looked hurt but he may have just slipped near the cage. Burns dropping his hands deliberately and Woodley didn’t take the invite. Leg kick again by Burns. Burns is the only one even kicking in this fight. Burns throws a knee and falls. Woodley does not follow him to the ground. Another right hand over the top by Burns. Leg kick again by Woodley. Head kick blocked by Burns. Body kick by Burns and Woodley is short on a left hook. Nice leg kick and left hook combo by Burns and another leg kick. Another Burns round in the bag. 30-26 Burns.

Round 4 - Lovely left hook by Burns. Level change by Burns but Woodley responds with great takedown defense and now clinches against the fence. Burns reverses position but this is mostly a stalemate and Herb Dean separates them . Another leg kick by Burns clearly buckles Woodley. Stiff jab by Burns. Knee to the chest by Burns. Woodley looks gunshy and lost for answers. Big explosion by Burns and a thudding right hand that rocks Woodley! He desperately clings to Burns to stem the tide and ends up getting taken down instead. Burns goes for a guillotine just as the round draws to a close but time is up and it wasn’t tight. 40-35 Burns.

Round 5 - Woodley needs to go for broke and he’s trying, but now he’s got to fend off a takedown from Burns. This clinch does Woodley no good whatsoever. Woodley reverses position but refuses to separate. Burns open handed slapping Woodley now. Herb Dean breaks them up with under three minutes to go. Another leg kick makes Woodley grimace. Hard right hand by Woodley but Burns just eats it! About 75 seconds left and Woodley defends another takedown but he needs a KO. Tyron breaks free from the clinch with :45 left. Jab by Burns connects. Clock is ticking on Woodley and the KO does not materialize. Gilbert Burns was magnificent. 50-44 Burns.

Official result: Gilbert Burns def. Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-44)

Augusto Sakai vs. Blagoy Ivanov

Round 1 - Front kick by Sakai is blocked. Not a whole lot is happening through the first 90 seconds. Ivanov off-target on a right hand. Nice left hand by Ivanov. Good leg kick by Sakai. Ivanov with a right hook. They trade and miss punches badly and then clinch up. They separate and Sakai misses on a high kick. Big left by Ivanov. A left in the clinch buzzes Sakai momentarily. Heavy leg kick by Sakai and a body kick. Another clinch and a left hand by Ivanov on the exit. Leg kick by Sakai and round ends. 10-9 Ivanov.

Round 2 - Big body shot by Ivanov and a left over the top. Counter right lands sharply for Sakai and a kick puts Ivanov off balance. Blagoy’s takedown fails and he gets clipped with a knee. Ivanov with a jab and then Sakai bombs forward and misses shots. Two-punch combo to the body by Ivanov. Another leg kick by Sakai but he eats a straight punch upstairs. Sakai starting to find his range and a vicious body kick. Clinch against the fence and Ivanov has an underhook. Backfist by Sakai on the exit. Ivanov sounds noticeably tired. Sakai having great success with his kicks and it’s winning him the ground thus far. Heavy right hand by Ivanov is met with a right by Sakai. Knee to the body by Sakai and Ivanov catches and takes the Brazilian down. He doesn’t do anything to steal the round. 19-19.

Round 3 - Ivanov shovels in a left down the middle to start the final round. Jab lands for Ivanov. Sakai with a three-punch whiff. Straight left connects for the Bulgarian. Big jab by Sakai. Body kick by Augusto. Ivanov with a horrendous looking rush forward that accomplishes nothing. He eats a left hook in the center of the cage, responds with a southpaw jab. Sakai with the body lock and an uppercut connects for Sakai. Ivanov with the trip and Sakai blatantly grabs the fence and that should’ve been a point deduction. Right hand by Sakai. Right hook by Ivanov but it is labored. Huge left by Ivanov. Thudding body kick by Sakai and Ivanov comes in with a left. Fight is over. 29-28 Sakai.

Official result: Augusto Sakai def. Blagoi Ivanov by split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)

Billy Quarantillo vs. Spike Carlyle

Round 1 - Carlyle like a maniac throws a flying knee and then throws a couple of elbows and almost gets Billy’s back. What the hell just happened? Carlyle slams Quarantillo and eventually advances to back mount. He’s high on the back but Quarantillo cannot get escape. Carlyle with big shots from full mount and he goes for an armbar! Quarantillo escapes and he is on top. In a wild turn of events, Quarantillo has the back but he loses the position and Carlyle gets on top and breaks the body lock. Carlyle keeping things active on top but Quarantillo gets to his feet, only for Carlyle to get him down into half-guard. Hammerfists by Carlyle and he is going all-out in this round. And then what the hell just happened? Carlyle just stopped fighting and the round hadn’t ended! Then Quarantillo dropped him with a left. What?!!! Round over. 10-9 Carlyle.

Round 2 - Hahahaha what on earth? Carlyle drops Quarantillo and then a mad scramble ensues that ends with Billy establishing top position on Spike, but he loses the position again and Carlyle is in Billy’s guard. Quarantillo throwing elbows from the bottom. Carlyle with some good left hands and Billy is on his way up. Carlyle jumps for the back and again he’s too high, so Billy could escape but he does not. Good adjustment by Carlyle but Quarantillo still gets back to his feet. Vicious knee to the body by Quarantillo and he gets an easy takedown. Carlyle scrambles to his feet but eats another knee to the body. Carlyle is exhausted. He grabs a leg and Quarantillo counters with a guillotine, which he abandons and he’s on his back. Triangle choke by Quarantillo but Spike will escape this one. He goes for it again and drops elbows too. Transitions for an armbar but Spike gets out of that too. 19-19?

Round 3 - Spike drags Quarantillo to the mat straight away and Billy gets up. Good whizzer and Billy is on top, throwing and landing a left hand. Great scramble by Carlyle and he almost takes the back but gets reversed and Quarantillo lands a solid elbow and another one. Quarantillo is dropping some big shots. This is some vicious ground-and-pound! Quarantillo goes for a choke but Carlyle winds up on top and gets out of danger! Billy threatens with a triangle choke and it’s not successful. Billy’s corner tells him to get up and he’s trying to. A standing elbow by Quarantillo. Knee to the body by Billy. He looks to take the back with under two minutes to go. Quarantillo with some head strikes while he’s got the back. Moer punches by Quarantillo and a brief rear-naked choke attempt and then he bails on it. They are back to their feet and they swinging for the fences and Carlyle is getting tagged with hard punches! What is he made of? DAMN! 29-28 Quarantillo.

Official result: Billy Quarantillo def. Spike Carlyle by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Brok Weaver vs. Roosevelt Roberts

Round 1 - Weaver closes distance and clinches up. Roberts turns him around, separates and lands a right hand. Weaver with a lunging left as he clinches again. They’re talking to each other but I’ve no idea what they’re saying. Anyway, clinch is separated and Roberts drills Weaver with an uppercut. Good left by Roberts. Good body shot by Roberts. Leg kick by Roberts is checked by Weaver, but he lands a 1-2 on Brok. Lightning fast straight right by Roberts. Damn. Leg kick as Roberts talks more trash. Roberts escapes Weaver’s clinch again and resets to land a straight right. Roberts narrowly misses a big right hand and briefly goes for a takedown but Weaver defends it. Standing guillotine by Roberts and Weaver spins out of it, but Roberts is on top. He has Brok on the seat of his pants to end round one. 10-9 Roberts.

Round 2 - Weaver aggressively trying to get Roberts against the fance but he’s not doing much offensively. Roberts reverses the position again and throws some body shots while Roberts has some pressure to the head. Weaver gets drilled with a right hand and a left hook and Roberts secures the takedown. Roberts has half-guard and drops down some elbows. Roosevelt wants the d’arce choke but instead gets full mount in a slick transition. Weaver is in trouble and Roberts wants the choke. Weaver grabs the fence to aid his escape, then eats several punches and is clearly hurt. Roberts goes for the choke again and this time it’s under the chin and Weaver taps. That was not competitive at all.

Official result: Roosevelt Roberts def. Brok Weaver by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:26 of round 2

Mackenzie Dern vs. Hannah Cifers

Round 1 - Big shots exchanged by both women but nothing really landing cleanly. Cifers with a good knee in the clinch and a right hand. Another big knee by Cifers. Strong start from Cifers. They separate from the clinch and Dern whacks Cifers with an uppercut. Leg kick by Cifers. Dern throwing heaters and then tosses Cifers to the mat. Cifers scrambles on top but gives up her left leg and you don’t want to grapple with Dern. Kneebar is locked in and it’s tap time.

Official result: Mackenzie Dern def. Hannah Ciferse by submission (kneebar) at 2:36 of round 1

Preliminary Card (6 p.m. ET, ESPN/ESPN+)

Katlyn Chookagian def. Antonina Shevchenko by unanimous decision (30-25 x3)

Daniel Rodriguez def. Gabriel Green by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Jamahal Hill def. Klidson Abreu by TKO (strikes) at 1:51 of round 1

Brandon Royval def. Tim Elliott by submission (arm triangle choke) at 3:18 of round 2

Casey Kenney def. Louis Smolka by submission (guillotine choke) at 3:03 of round 1

Chris Gutierrez def. Vince Morales by TKO (leg kicks) at 4:27 of round 2