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Jones calls Chael Sonnen a keyboard warrior: ‘Are you this passionate when you’re with your wife?’

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Jon Jones fires back at Chael Sonnen.

Jon Jones has finally responded to Chael Sonnen after being roasted on social media for the past two weeks.

After being belittled over his failed negotiations with UFC president Dana White earlier this week, Jones fired back at ‘The American Gangster’ in a series of Tweets on Saturday (h/t @APMMA_net).

“Geez man that ass kicking I gave you must’ve really scarred you for life. Are you this passionate when you’re with your wife at night?” Jones wrote.

“You never did win that world championship, you never had that $1 million payday yet you sit back and make of someone who’s accomplished the things you’ve only dreamed about. Boy the power of the Internet.”

“The hatred you have for me isn’t even motivating, it’s honestly just sad. I couldn’t imagine thinking about another man so much. I hope these responses make you an extra $500 enjoy the attention from me.”

Jones has requested his release from the UFC after accusing Dana White of lying about his negotiations for the Francis Ngannou matchup. White claims Jones demanded $30 million for the bout.

White claims to have proof of Jones’ demands in text messages and has invited the pound-for-pound No. 1 to take a lie detector test to settle the dispute.

Bloody Elbow will keep you updated as this story develops.