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Fully-staffed corners approved for UFC 249, other Jacksonville cards

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It looks like fighters competing on the next three UFC shows will be able to have the maximum allowable number of cornermen with them.

UFC Fight Night: Trizano v Pena Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

One concern for fighters ahead of the UFC’s resumption of its schedule has been resolved... at least for these next three shows.

According to MMA Junkie, all fighters will be allowed a full compliment of cornermen — maximum of three — for UFC 249, along with the May 13th and 16th Fight Night events in Jacksonville.

Previously, in a meeting with fighters, UFC president Dana White had indicated that fighters could have to make some “tough decisions” with regards to who can be in their team for fight week.

As we near the first fight week since March 14th, the promotion has outlined some guidelines and safety measures to adjust for the coronavirus pandemic and physical distancing guidelines. Only UFC staff, fighters, and cornermen will be allowed on the premises. In other words, having a larger team that includes nutritionists, managers, etc. is still prohibited.

The UFC did not explicitly state that COVID-19 testing would be conducted on all who are taking part in their upcoming events, but everyone will be subject to “mandatory medical screening process and tests” on a daily basis. Unlike their ill-fated Tachi Palace trip that was slated for April 18th, the UFC will be overseen by Florida’s athletic commission, as well as any measures the promotion takes upon itself.