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Jon Jones fires back at Dana White for ‘absolute bullsh-t’ claims about Ngannou fight

Jon Jones fires back at Dana White’s statements regarding the supposed Francis Ngannou super-fight.

Throughout the talks of a possible fight between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou, UFC president Dana White has remained skeptical. In a conversation with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto on Thursday, White seemingly put the nail on the coffin, pinning the blame on Jones’ supposed monetary demands.

“Is Jon Jones gonna fight Francis Ngannou then try to take a run at the heavyweight title? I don’t believe that,” he said. “He’s never wanted to move to heavyweight before, and for the amount of money he’s asking for, it’s not gonna happen.

“You couldn’t be asking for a more absurd amount of money at a worst time.”

It didn’t take too long for Jones to fire back with a response. Right off the bat, he denied asking for any pay bump.

In the next series of tweets, “Bones” went on to call out his boss for making such claims.

If anything, it was Ngannou who went on record to broach the idea of a pay increase. But given White’s tone, it looks like this matchup has been put to bed, at least for the time being.

UPDATE: Jones has sent out more tweets on the topic.