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Anderson Silva calls for super-fight against Conor McGregor, McGregor accepts

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What do you get when you stack Anderson Silva money on Red Panty night? We may just find out.

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva had one of the most celebrated reigns in MMA history, spending years at the top of the game and laying waste to the division. But just because he’s not in prime form and hasn’t been the dominant demigod he was at his peak doesn’t mean he’s not a threat.

It also doesn’t mean he’s not game for a challenge and a big purse.

Silva took to Instagram earlier this week to call out the biggest money fight there is in MMA right now, former dual champ Conor McGregor:

I have immense admiration for the great athlete that Conor is and I believe that a super fight would go down in the history of the sport, neither of us need to prove anything to anyone; I believe that fans of the UFC and of this sport would like to watch this great martial arts spectacle, it would be fantastic to test my martial arts skills against him!!

And while it doesn’t rely purely on a money fight, it’s the kind of test that Anderson has always prided himself in pursuing while making bank. It’s fitting that this callout happen after the recent evaluation on the greatest ever list compiled by the Irishman. Having placed Silva at number one and himself just under that spot, it could be a fight that could have the winner earn bragging rights and a #1 spot... at least in McGregor’s book.

Of course, the very brash McGregor wasn’t going to stay quiet when he saw Silva issue the challenge, responding in prompt and succinct fashion:

This could be the setup for a fight down the road between two massively popular fighters that have been the face of their respective eras. In fact, maybe Conor set up that list the way he did explicitly for this specific purpose. What weight class and when would this happen? All of that is to be seen, but the seeds have been planted. Knowing these two, we won’t have to wait long to find out.