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Jorge Masvidal: Gym ‘cancer’ Colby Covington ‘didn’t feel safe’ at American Top Team

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Jorge Masvidal is all smiles about Colby Covington’s departure from American Top Team.

Speculations arose when Colby Covington’s name was taken off American Top Team’s website. On Wednesday, “Chaos” himself confirmed that he indeed parted ways with his long-time stable.

Covington stated that the split was amicable, particularly with owner Dan Lambert. But he did leave a bad taste in some of the fighter’s mouths, one of them being his former best friend, Jorge Masvidal.

“That dude was never part of this team,” Masvidal told ESPN’s Ariel Helwani. “He was just a f—ng cancer for the last three, four years. At the end of the day, he didn’t feel safe here. I wonder why.”

When asked how he felt about the recent developments, “Gamebred” simply flashed a grin. He also isn’t expecting Covington to achieve any further success.

“I’m pretty sure he’s just done, man,” Masvidal said. “Life is just gonna get him out of that. I don’t see him winning anymore, not at a high level. If they give him some new guy who just came in, maybe. But they have him up there against top competition, he won’t handle it.

“He’s a fragile dude, man,” he continued. “He’s not a guy that’s mentally strong. I remember he used to cry in my couch all the time. When he broke his hand the first time, he lived in my couch for about eight, nine months. Didn’t have a job, couldn’t fight, had a broken hand, and he thought about quitting, like, two, three times.

“Mentally, he’s weak. I’ve been hearing the same thing about the jaw. I’d be surprised if he even comes back to fighting. That stuff that he was gonna fight Woodley? He wasn’t training here, he wasn’t training anywhere. He’s just (all talk).”

Covington says he is currently in the process of building “Team Colby Covington Incorporated” which will involve similar coaches and training partners he’s worked with.