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Manager: Masvidal ‘technically a champion’, can challenge either Khabib or Usman

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As the “BMF” champion, Jorge Masvidal can now call his own shots, according to manager Abraham Kawa.

The greater majority of America may be in quarantine, but “BMF” champion Jorge Masvidal is currently in training camp ready for a fight. That’s, at least, according to his manager Abraham Kawa.

Speaking to MMA Junkie Radio recently, Kawa says an opponent for “Gamebred” is already lined up for a “fun” fight.

“He definitely wants to fight somebody,” Kawa said. “That person, we’re all going to find out shortly. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say Jorge has been a man of his word since I’ve known him; he’s never lied or said something, then something else happened. He’s not that kind of guy.

“When he says, ‘This is what I want, this is what I want to do,’ that’s what happens. He gave somebody his word, so we’ll see. I can’t say too much now, but it’s going to be fun.”

“Jorge’s in camp, he’s training, he’s ready to rock and roll, so we’re looking forward to fight,” he continued. “Whether it’s in July or a little bit later, that’ll be fine, too, but he’s absolutely ready to rock and roll.”

Kawa says the “BMF” title that Masvidal holds has more relevance than perceived by many, and it allows him to call his own shots.

“The truth is, if Jorge tomorrow wanted to drop to 155 pounds and challenge the titleholder there, he has that ability,” said Kawa. “He’s technically a champion. At 170, he can challenge the current champion. It’s really up to Jorge.

“I believe the division goes as Jorge goes. I don’t think anybody is clamoring to see a rematch with Usman and anybody, or Usman and the next guy. I think everybody is looking for Jorge vs. that guy.

“Jorge has the one title, the one thing that nobody else has,” he continued. “I don’t care if you’re Conor (McGregor), if you’re Henry (Cejudo), if you’re Usman, it does not matter who you are. Nobody has that belt; that belt belongs to Jorge.

“He just so happens to be at 170 pounds, so if you want to fight him, I think you’ve got to come to the table with something other than ‘I’ve got this.’”

Masvidal kept himself active in 2019 and fought three times. His last Octagon appearance took place in November at UFC 244 where he won the BMF belt via doctor stoppage against Nate Diaz. He has also been hinting at a rematch on social media as of late.