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Colby Covington removed from American Top Team website

Colby Covington’s name is no longer part of the list of welterweight fighters on American Top Team’s website.

Because of his polarizing persona, Colby Covington turned himself from an obscure name to one of the most controversial fighters today. As a result, it’s also created rifts with some of his training partners at American Top Team.

“Chaos” did squash his beef with Dustin Poirier, but he remains at odds with Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jorge Masvidal. This urged ATT owner Dan Lambert to come up with a rule against talking trash among teammates.

Covington, of course, violated the rule at least twice since it was implemented. Now, it seems like the consequences are a bit harsher.

Looking at the current active roster of ATT’s welterweight fighters on its official website, you wouldn’t find Covington’s name on the list.

Here’s a look at the older list on the site courtesy of Wayback Machine, which still features the former interim welterweight champion on at least two separate dates recently.

ATT website Jan 25 2020
ATT website as of January 25
ATT website April 11
ATT website as of April 11

Lambert, a self-proclaimed “pro-wrestling nerd,” had been more accepting towards Covington’s character in the past, but warned that he’d have to find a new place to train if the trash talk gag order was violated. The removal from the site could mean he finally decided to cut ties with his long-time fighter, but it could also be that Covington decided to leave ATT, which he also said could be a “very real possibility.”

Covington has not spoken up about the matter, but do expect a colorful response if and when he does issue one.