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Brazil sex hotel wants you to tap out in their MMA-themed room

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Colby Covington and his renowned cardio may want to look into a sponsorship deal.

A motel in Brazil is ready to give you romantics an authentic UFC experience of full mounts, rear-naked chokes, banana splits and anacondas—maybe even an oil-check for all you adventurous souls.

Brazilian motels are notable for catering to guests various sexual appetites, and this one wants to help with your swangin’ and bangin’. The MMA suite at Pousada Gurupi, in Teresina, Brazil offers a pretty sharp-looking recreation of a UFC cage. The room features fences on six of eight sides, red-and-blue corners, black silhouettes of fans (for your inner voyeur), as well as a training dummy and heavy bag for those creative enough to figure out what the heck to do with them.

“The MMA Suite at Pousada Gurupi brings up the whole concept of wrestling, with an environment geared to this practice, opening the imagination of the couple who chooses it,” a rough translation of the text description reads. “This is the right time to indulge in a new experience.”

Pousada Gurupi, in fact, offers a whole list of reasons why guests may want to indulge in their ground-n-pound fantasy.

Increasing companionship: To fulfill a different kind of sex fantasy makes the people more confident and brings them closer together. After all, this is a proper time to let yourself enjoy a new experience

Bring imagination to reality: The MMA Suite is a very faithful copy to the octagons, with a sensational bed inside the ring. The couple can really imagine themselves in that environment and let their imagination blossom. ⠀ ⠀

Creating memories: “Having new and different experiences like these ends up creating memories and moments to be remembered by both, increasing the couple’s partnership. After all, it is not every day that you indulge in an octagon, or is it? The MMA Suite awaits you and your partner!

Whether you enjoy to stand-and-bang or lay-and-pray, this room has something for everyone.