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Colby Covington says he would accept ‘unsanctioned fight’ with WWE champion Drew McIntyre

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Colby Covington is up to his old tricks again, but this time he has the attention of someone a whole lot bigger than him.

Kamaru Usman v Colby Covington ufc Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

When you cover MMA, you have to cover all the goods that come along with the sport, and all the bads as well. One of those things (I won’t say which) is reporting on what Colby Covington has to say. The outlandish welterweight contender has spent the last three years attempting to anger just about everyone he opens his mouth about, and his most recent interview is pretty much on brand.

This time though, Colby’s trying to pick a fight with someone much, much larger than him.

Earlier in the year, Covington made some noise about eventually going to WWE one day and trying out his persona in pro wrestling. As usual he said some brash things about it, and he managed to get the attention of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The 6’5, 265-pound wrestler spoke to ESPN a couple of months ago in regards to Covington, and basically challenged him to a fight (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

“If he wants this unsanctioned fight outside of WWE, I’m willing to fight him in a bar or something. There’s a reason there’s different weight classes [in MMA]. I’m about 100 pounds heavier than the guy, I’m a foot taller than the guy. I’m willing to have an actual fight with him if he wants an unsanctioned fight. It’ll put more eyes on the product, perfectly happy with me.

“I’ll smash his head in, I’ll shut him up. I’ll break his jaw like [Kamaru] Usman did, and then more people watch WWE. So, Colby, I’ll fight you. No title shot though, that’s reserved for the WWE superstars.”

Covington, who is 5’11 and competes at 170 pounds, took the time to respond to that this week on the What The Heck podcast:

“Last time I was on here, we were talking about Drew McIntyre. You signed a man’s death certificate. Now you’re gonna have to get Drew McIntyre’s blood on your hands. Because now he’s talking all crazy out there like he wants to fight in an unsanctioned fight. I’m not afraid of a fight, I love to fight.”

He continued on, saying that he can compete in MMA while dabbling in pro wrestling:

The thing with the WWE is everybody thinks that I’m just gonna leave the UFC and go to the WWE. No, I can do both at the same time. I’m still young, I’m 32 years young, I’m not even in my prime yet. I’m still getting better every single day, stronger every day, better cardio, and everybody knows how good my cardio is. They call me ‘The Cardio King’ for a reason.

“So I want to do both at the same time. I want to go whoop Drew McIntyre’s ass in an unsanctioned fight, maybe over in Saudi Arabia, maybe in his home country of Scotland. And I want to go whoop ‘Marty Fakenewsman’’s ass and ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal’s ass, and nothing’s changing. It’s gonna happen.”

The chances of this ever taking place are pretty slim, obviously. If it did though, my money would be on McIntyre.