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Dana White targeting ‘three or four fights in a month’ on ‘Fight Island’

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New “Fight Island” updates from the boss.

The UFC’s operations are indeed back in full swing. On Friday, company president Dana White laid out what he expects to be a packed schedule for “Fight Island,” which he expects to be up and running in the coming month.

“Literally this morning I was driving to work and I was talking to Ari and Ari goes ‘how many people a day ask you where ‘Fight Island’ is?’ cause I guess people are blowing him up asking him where ‘Fight Island’ is. People are very intrigued about ‘Fight Island’ and I’m excited for it,” White told play-by-play commentator Jon Anik in an ESPN live stream (transcript by MMA Fighting).

“Right now, we’re looking at June and we’re literally going to knock out three or four fights there in a month. I’m going to stay on the island for a month. I’m going to go stay there. I’ll probably be there the whole month of July.”

“Fight Island” first came to light in April as the UFC’s possible venue for international fights. According to White, it will feature training facilities and hotels to accommodate competing fighters, as well as an “Octagon on the beach.”