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UFC pioneer Ken Shamrock says Mike Tyson ‘would be a perfect fight’ for him

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A fight with Mike Tyson would be a perfect scenario for ken Shamrock.

World Grand Prix Semi-Finals: Vetell v Nelson
HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL - NOVEMBER 03: Coach, Ken Shamrock yells support to his fighter Roy Nelson (Black Trunks) of the Lions against Bryan Vetell (Red Trunks) of the Pitbulls against Roy Nelson (Black Trunks) of the Lions during their Heavyweight (265 lb.) bout at the World Grand Prix Semi-Finals at the Sears Centre November 3, 2007 in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. (Photo by Ross Dettman/Getty Images for IFL)
Photo by Ross Dettman/Getty Images for IFL

One man who caught wind of Mike Tyson’s potential comeback is Ken Shamrock, as the MMA veteran is all in on a fight with “Iron” Mike.

Tyson recently made headlines as videos circulated of the former boxing heavyweight champion training again and looking pretty jacked. Whilst it’s unclear if the 53-year-old will return to the ring, it’s certainly got the attention of the combat sports world.

Talking recently to Fight Network, Shamrock said at this stage in his career a fight with Tyson would be “perfect” for him.

“I’m always hungry to fight,” Shamrock said. “That’s in my DNA. I love doing it, I’ve always loved doing it. At the same time I’ve also got to be smart too, and understand that it has to be something that makes sense if I’m going to get in the ring. I’m not going to fight some 27-year-old in his prime. It would be ridiculous for me to do that.

“But if something made sense, I would do it. I love competing. I’ve always loved competing. Someone like Mike Tyson would be a perfect fight for me, because it’s something I love doing. I love competing and I love competing against the best, so it’d be a perfect scenario for me.” (Transcription via Tom Taylor)

A pioneer of mixed martial arts, Shamrock (28-17-2) has fought for promotions such as Pancrase, Pride, and he competed at the first-ever UFC event in 1993. The 56-year-old last fought in 2016, losing by TKO to Royce Gracie in their trilogy fight.

Shamrock isn’t the first former UFC fighter to call-out Tyson, as fellow UFC Hall-of-Famer Tito Ortiz recently challenged him to a fight.