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Chael Sonnen slams Tito Ortiz for Mike Tyson callout

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“The gift of Tito Ortiz just keeps on giving.”

UFC 159 Weigh-in Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Tito Ortiz jumped at the opportunity to call out Mike Tyson after the heavyweight boxing legend announced that he would be coming out of retirement for a few exhibition bouts.

Ortiz, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, has suggested a ‘Legend vs. Legend’ superfight with ‘Iron Mike’.

“@MikeTyson - Legend Vs Legend on PPV! When are we doing it?” Ortiz posted on Instagram earlier this week.

That callout didn’t sit too well with Chael Sonnen, who roasted Ortiz in the following video post.

“Oh the gift of Tito Ortiz just keeps on giving,” Sonnen said (h/t So, there is something that the kids call Instagram. Now Instagram is largely a photo-based social media outlet. You can include text, but if you don’t include a photo or a video you are basically misusing Instagram and you should just take that over to Twitter. Ok fine.” Chael Sonnen explained. “Now Tito puts out a picture, and it is a side by side with Mike Tyson and Tito on the other side. Tito is shirtless, flexing his abs, captions: ‘Legend vs Legend let’s do this on pay-per-view’ exclamation point. Ok let’s start at the beginning. Anybody of any age, but particularly a grown ass 44-year-old man that goes on to Instagram shirtless while flexing his abs is a little bit of a dork. For one. Start with that.”

“Now let’s move on to the text. ‘Legend vs Legend’. Ok so I am looking at ‘Iron Mike’ and saying ok that is one legend but the versus part I am a little bit confused by because the only other guy in the photo is Tito. So it’s like Tito, who are you bringing? Are you bringing Tank Abbott along? Are you bringing Randy Couture? Are you bringing King Arthur? Are you bringing Batman? Like who is coming that is the other legend here? Oh and by the way Tito, your final text said ‘Let’s do it on pay-per-view’ exclamation point. Do I need to be the one to inform you that pay-per-view no longer exists? Pay-per-view nowhere in the world is a thing anymore. It is all done through digital platforms. Even if the have a paywall that they call a pay-per-view, it is not the same thing that you referred too, which is the pay-per-views you used to be on back in 2006. The world has just gone to a different place.”

Sonnen, who is retired, was submitted by Ortiz under the Bellator banner in 2017. ‘The American Gangster’ rebounded with two consecutive wins over Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Jackson before losing two straight fights to Fedor Emelianenko and Lyoto Machida. The UFC fan favorite announced his retirement in the Bellator 222 post-fight interview.

Ortiz last fought in December 2019, when he submitted Alberto El Patron at Combate Americas 51.