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Review: ‘The Triangle Machine’ BJJ instructional by Craig Jones

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The grappling star has a lot to offer in this instructional, going into the finer points of a devastating submission.

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Australian Craig Jones has been a joy to watch on the competition scene, and his Triangle Machine instructional shows more of his patient and detailed approach to teaching technique. Best of all, it’s currently free!

That’s right, the crew at has released this one for free download or streaming via their website for a limited time only, and there’s a good amount of content to sink your teeth into.

Personally, I learn better while being presented with the why of a certain set of details or concepts. That makes this one of the most interesting instructionals for me as of late, since Jones is very, very good at explaining why you’re doing what you’re doing as he performs the sequences.

Keep in mind that this isn’t like Neil Melanson’s Mastering Triangle chokes, where you get a plethora of setups from everywhere. This is much more pared down, and that’s a good thing. The very first portion of this is Jones explaining simply and plainly how to finish a standard triangle with maximum pressure and minimal effort — the very basis of what effective grappling should be.

From there he goes on to various situations and setups based on where a practitioner may be in sparring or competition, offering simple and reasonable routes to optimal positions, letting you slap on a triangle and squeeze your opponent heavily.

As for production value, you get what we’ve come to expect from the crew at BJJFanatics. A simple setup, only this time with much better sound than before, allowing for one to clearly hear everything Jones has to say as well as the taps from his partner. Jones himself keeps a calm semi-monotone, and has virtually no waste in any of his explanations. Everything is serene and to the point, and he’s got a very genuine sense of care and concern for the viewer to pick up what he’s putting down.

The techniques themselves? Excellent. From a kneebar defense sequence (sample video #1, below) to the infamous triangle he pulled off during an ADCC victory (also below, video #2), it’s all broken down in a no-nonsense, easy for even the most novice grappler to understand and start applying as soon as possible. Not that a novice should, mind you. This is much more geared to the intermediate grappler, perhaps blue belt of above. There’s never any sense of information overload anywhere.

The Triangle Machine is available over at the lovely folks at BJJFanatics, and remember, it’s free, but only for a limited time. Be sure to check out the rest of their catalogue as well.