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Tito Ortiz challenges yoked Mike Tyson, 53, to a fight

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Tito Ortiz wants to cash-in big on rumours of a Mike Tyson return to combat sports.

Tito Ortiz wants a piece of Mike Tyson.

Tyson has been wowing combat sports fans with his technique and physique in new training videos. Rumours of “Iron” Mike coming out of retirement has caught the attention of “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy”. On Thursday, the former UFC champion posted side-by-side photos of Tyson and Ortiz.

“Legend vs. Legend on PPV!” Ortiz captioned the Instagram post. “When are we doing it?”

Ortiz has remained in tremendous shape at 45-years-old, and last fought in 2019 against former WWE star Alberto Del Rio. Prior to that he beat Chuck Liddell in 2018.

Tyson, who had his last professional boxing match back in 2005, has been teasing a comeback lately. The former heavyweight boxing champion now looks absolutely jacked at 53-years-old. Just take a look at this video Tyson posted.

Would you pay to see this freak show fight? Let us know in the comments.