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Chito Vera says he didn’t lose to ‘China men’ Song Yadong, slams judges

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It’s not a surprise that Chito Vera thinks the judges got it wrong in his fight with Song Yadong, but he took some heat for his post-fight tweet.

Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera says he lost to the judges at UFC on ESPN 8 after his close decision loss against Song Yadong.

It was one of several fights that had questionable scorecards, as Vera suffered a unanimous decision loss to Yadong on Saturday night. The loss snapped Vera’s five fight win streak and judging by his reaction to the decision you could tell he was not happy with the scorecards.

‘Chito’ took to social media after the fight to express his frustration at the decision, but he also made a racist remark to Yadong, labelling him “the China men.”

“I [didnt lose] the fight to the China men I lost to the judges tonight,” Vera said. “All my hard work to the f-ckin drain, I can’t believe this horse sh-t tonight.”

The featherweight bout, which earned Fight of The Night, was extremely close with Yadong clearly winning the first round and Vera taking the third. The second round was close and tough to score, but all three judges gave it to Yadong.

Yadong (16-4-1, 1NC) remains undefeated in the UFC with the win. Both Song and Vera normally compete at bantamweight, but this bout was contested at featherweight.