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UFC on ESPN results and video: Alistair Overeem rallies to stop Walt Harris in round 2

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Alistair Overeem just scored a comeback TKO on Walt Harris in the UFC on ESPN main event.

UFC on ESPN 8 is in the books and just ended with the promotion’s #8 ranked heavyweight, Alistair Overeem, pulling off a comeback TKO on the #9 ranked, Walt Harris. After Harris scored a first round knockdown, Overeem leaned on his grappling to get himself back into the fight. In the second round, Overeem landed a head kick to left hand to get a knockdown and finish with ground strikes. The win gets Overeem back into the win column, and also shows that Harris belongs towards the top of the UFC heavyweight division.

Harris pressed forward, looking to take it right to Overeem. The veteran kept trying to skirt out of harms way, but Harris was on a mission. Harris kept chucking heat and managed to drop Overeem against the cage. Overeem did a good job of surviving the onslaught that was Harris trying to finish. A slip led to Overeem taking top position, where he landed a bunch solid ground strikes for the remainder of time.

Harris was a much more reserved in the second stanza, throwing one strike at a time. That’s when Overeem unleashed a head kick followed by left hand that rocked Harris. Overeem followed his foe to the floor, taking the back and landing shots. Harris was flattened out and unable to improve his position, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

Alistair Overeem def. Walt Harris by TKO at 3:00 of round 2: Heavyweight