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Dana White confident postponed UFC show will happen May 30 in ‘Vegas or somewhere else’

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UFC president Dana White gives an update on the company’s end of the month card, which was recently moved from May 23 to May 30.

A report came out on Tuesday claiming that the UFC had postponed its May 23rd event to May 30th. No specific reason was given, and its location has yet to be confirmed.

The original venue for the said event was the UFC’s APEX facility in Las Vegas. But due to the uncertainty of the situation in Nevada, these plans remain uncertain.

As far as UFC president Dana White is concerned, however, the May 30th fight card will push through. And if it cannot happen in Las Vegas, he assures that the company will find a venue elsewhere to hold the event.

“100%,” White told reporters during a post-fight scrum when asked about the likelihood of the event happening.

“I think they’re talking about casinos opening June 1st. Some of them. Not hotels, just the casinos, I don’t really know.

“I’m confident we’ll go May 30th,” he affirmed. “And if we don’t end up going in Vegas, we’ll go somewhere else.”

Scheduled to headline the said card is Tyron Woodley’s return fight against Gilbert Burns.