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UFC Jacksonville video recap: Saint Preux falls short in heavyweight debut against Rothwell

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Ovince Saint Preux was unsuccessful in his heavyweight debut against veteran Ben Rothwell.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Copenhagen-Oleksiejczuk vs Saint Preux Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

After competing at 205 pounds throughout the majority of his career, Ovince Saint Preux thought it was high time to move up a weight class. On the UFC’s Wednesday show in Jacksonville, the 37-year-old fighter was given veteran Ben Rothwell as his first assignment at heavyweight.

What was the high point of the fight?

Saint Preux did a good job holding off Rothwell, who kept pushing forward. He effectively made his of his kicks to ward off his opponent, and even landed a right hook late in the second round that dropped “Big Ben.”

But Rothwell’s size and weight advantage was evident. He also fought well using the Thai clinch, landing knees in the pocket. Great overall action on the feet from both fighters.

Where do both men go from here?

Rothwell called out Aleksei Oleinik during his Octagon interview, and I’d say give him that fight. Two veteran competitors coming off victories, I’m not opposed to that.

Fighting at heavyweight could be a big adjustment for Saint Preux, who was exhausted after the final round. I’m a bit on the fence on whether or not he should continue, or drop back down to light heavyweight.

Watch it now, later or never?

Two heavyweights keeping the fight standing and throwing hard shots? I’d say watch it now.