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Video: Marvin Vettori gets into heated altercation with Karl Roberson after fight cancellation

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Marvin Vettori had to be restrained by security after getting into an altercation with Karl Roberson.

UFC middleweight Marvin Vettori has reached breaking point.

After his second fight cancellation in two months, Vettori launched an expletive-laden outburst at Karl Roberson after Roberson was forced to withdraw from their UFC Fight Night scrap on Saturday due to ‘medical issues’.

Vettori’s nutritionist, Matteo Capodaglio, posted footage of the altercation on Instagram.

Check it out below.

“Marvin just met Karl Roberson as he was leaving the hotel.He ‘kept that same energy’”. Capodaglio wrote.

“Let’s f*cking fight!” Vettori yelled at Roberson at the host hotel in Jacksonville, Florida (h/t MMA Fighting). “You look like you can f*cking fight, then f*cking fight you b*tch ass. F*cking five months of preparation.

“Then f*cking fight if you can fight! Fight me now!”

Vettori was originally supposed to fight Daren Stewart at UFC Fight Night London in March but the event was cancelled due to the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

UFC Fight Night 171: Smith vs. Teixeira takes place tonight, May 13 at VyState Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.