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UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Teixeira live results, discussion, play by play

Live, blow-by-blow updates for today’s UFC event in Jacksonville on ESPN+, which features a light heavyweight tilt on top.

UFC Fight Night Smith v Teixeira: Weigh-Ins Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion, round scoring, and full play-by-play as UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Teixeira goes down in Jacksonville, Florida.

The headliner comes in the light heavyweight division, former title challengers Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira facing off to see who will stay in the title picture at 205. The co-main event will see longtime 205er Ovince Saint Preux moving to heavyweight to meet veteran Ben Rothwell.

This is an ESPN+ show and is kicking off slightly earlier than usual. The four-fight preliminary card is scheduled to start at 6pm ET/3pm PT on ESPN+. But with only four fights on the undercard now, that might get bumped up an hour. The six-fight main card will kick off at 9pm ET/6pm PT on the same streaming network.

Anthony Smith vs. Glover Teixeira

Round 1 - Smith with a big overhand right seconds in. Low leg kick. Double jab. Teixeira coming up short with his punches. Smith with more jabs and a nice 1-2. All Smith over the first 90 seconds. Another hard 1-2. Low kick. Glover finally lands a glancing right. High body kick from Lionheart. Glover digs to the body, but Smith fires back. Smith stuffs a Teixeira shot. Body shot from Glover. He lands two inside. The ref stops it for a low blow. Smith takes his time to recover. It was actually a low punch, not a kick or knee. That’s different. They restart after a couple of minutes. Smith gets back to jabbing and cracks Glover with a right. Glover goes to the body. Low kick from Glover, and again. Smith with rights and a front kick. Another hard right. Teixeira with a right over the top. Smith using front kicks as a distance keeper. High kick from Lionheart. Slapping low kick from Glover. Smith with a straight right. Mixing it up. Glover with a left hook that backs Smith off. He re-establishes the jab though. Glover catches a front kick but can’t do anything with it. 10-9 Smith.

Round 2 - Smith jabbing. Glover with a left hook. Low kick from Teixeira. Glover with two body shots. Smith with a front kick to the belly and a right hook. Smith with an uppercut. Jabs. Many, many jabs. Teixeira wades in with a couple of shots. Smith with a lead right. Again. Front kick to the belly. Head kick blocked. Straight right. He’s using his length very well. Hard right hook. Glover’s eye took some damage there. Glover comes up short with some punches. He backs him into the cage with a head kick though. He unloads with a bunch of powerful shots! Now to the body. Smith fires back. Glover backs him up again. They trade big shots. Glover looks like the fresher fighter right now. Body shot from Teixeira. Jab and a right from Smith. Hard left. Glover fires back with a right. Smith with his hands down. Glover backs him into the cage. Spinning back kick to the belly. Smith with a jab. 10-9 Teixeira.

Round 3 - Low kick from Teixeira. Smith catches a hard body kick and dumps Glover to his back. But they’re right back up. Smith with a right over the top. Smith keeps getting warned for extendeed fingers. Smith takes a shot in the eye, and he thinks it’s a poke but it’s ruled a punch. Glover is all over Smith! HE DROPS HIM WITH A LEFT HOOK! Glover looks for a sub, then goes back to striking. Smith is just covering up but he’s surviving for now. Glover in mount with massive elbows and punches. Smith trying to fight out of it, but there’s still three minutes elft. Smith rolls out! But he’s still against the cage with Glover on his back. Smith showing great resilience. Glover looks for a neck crank or a choke but Smith pulls his arm off. Knees to the back. 90 seconds to go. Glover is on his back landing huge shots to the side of the head. Smith still moving. Hard hammerfists now. Smith’s ear is bleeding. He’s trying to grab Glover’s arms. More hammerfists. Teixeira can’t get anywhere near a choke, but this is total domination. Teixeira adjusts and ends up in guard landing more punches. 10-8 Teixeira.

Round 4 - The doctor check’s Smith’s vision. He’s good to go. Huge uppercut from Glover right away! Smith is staggered! He’s trying to fight back and lands an elbow. Teixeira backs him up. Both are landing. Both men land uppercuts! Smith with a left but Teixeira with two huge uppercuts! Smith shoots but Teixeira stuffs him. Smith is bleeding badly. He’s in turtle position. Teixeira takes his back and looks for a choke. Hammerfists from Teixeira. He keeps looking for a choke. Finally Glover stands up. Left jabs from Teixeira. Smith with a big right. Smith is about done. Huge right. Smith with a left, and a right. Now Glover unloads. Smith is basically out against the fence, so Glover takes him down. He’s looking to posture up and land more, but he can’t. Elbows from Glover, but Smith is covering up and taking them on the forearms. Smith’s face is a mess. Glover’s not doing a ton though. He’s in half, landing some shots that are mostly being blocked. He’s setting up an arm triangle choke, but can’t get it. 30 seconds to go. Now he’s in mount raining down shots, but he’s out of time. 10-8 Teixeira.

Round 5 - Smith says he’s lost a tooth. He’s coming out for the fifth. Teixeira with some lefts. More jabs. Smith just backs off. Big left. Smith tries to shoot but Glover ends up on top. Elbows from Glover are mostly blocked. He’s in side and gets to mount with four minutes to go. He opens up with punches and it’s over.

Glover Teixeira defeats Anthony Smith via TKO (strikes), 1:04 of round 5

Ovince Saint Preux vs. Ben Rothwell

Round 1 - Slow start, as expected. Front kick from OSP. Rothwell with a shovel hook inside. OSP with an inside leg kick. Both men landed in an exchange. Rothwell lands a right in close. Lots of circling from OSP. Big Ben lands another right. Overhand left from OSP. A lot of feinting and circling. OSP throws a high kick that lands. Rothwell is looking for a front choke. OSP is on his knees defending. He lands a few punches. They stall out here. Rothwell is just leaning on him. He lands some more short punches. OSP tries to get up, and eventually does. 10-9 Rothwell.

Round 2 - Body kick from OSP. He lands a left. Another. And a body kick. Rothwell flurries and pushes him against the cage. OSP scoots away. OSP circles away from Rothwell’s strikes. He lands a body kick. Rothwell lands one as well. Jabs from Saint Preux. Overhand right from Rothwell. OSP with an uppercut inside. Rothwell with a couple of knees. Right over the top from Big Ben. OSP with a left hook over the top. OSP with a nice counter. Rothwell ties him up against the cage. One minute to go. Ben with a shot on the break. Head kick from OSP. Counter left from OSP drops Rothwell! He’s back up, but that will steal the round for him. 10-9 OSP.

Round 3 - Rothwell misses with a right and OSP literally runs away. Hard leg kick from Rothwell. He clinches and lands some hard knees. OSP with an uppercut and he circles away. He ands a couple lefts but Rothwell clubs him with a left as well. Body shot from Rothwell. They start trading. Rothwell with a knee in close. He lands small shots in the clinch against the cage. They stall out. Rothwell lands some punches high and low. Halfway through the final stanza. OSP tries to escape but can’t. Rothwell looks for a takedown and OSP gets away. They both land in the center. Uppercut from OSP. Rothwell chasing. OSP with a hard left. Rothwell with a right and a knee. Uppercut from Big Ben. Clinch. Rothwell with punches to the legas he holds OSP. 30 seconds. OSP finally reverses and they split. Straight left from OSP, and a right. Rothwell with a big right. They brawl to the horn. 10-9 and 29-28 Rothwell to me, but very close.

Ben Rothwell defeated Ovince Saint Preux via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Alexander Hernandez vs. Drew Dober

Round 1 - Hernandez with the quick start. Lots of early movement. Hernandez with a nice combo, but Dober with a hard straight left counter. Hernandez with a nice kick. Body kick again from Hernandez. Hernandez shoots a single and eventually gets Dober to his back. Dober up quick though and they clinch against the cage. Hernandez with a right on the break. Body kick from Hernandez. Dober with a right, and two more. Hernandez with a left hook and a jab. Leg kick from Dober. Quick jab from Dober. Hernandez shoots but Dober stuffs him. Nice lead left and a body kick from Hernandez. Another kick. Dober gets to chasing and lands three shots. Leg kick from Dober. 10-9 Hernandez.

Round 2 - Hernandez got eye-poked in the last second of round one, and the doc checks him. Right away, Hernandez eye-pokes Dober. They’re both good to go though. Dober with a body shot. Dober with a nice left. Hernandez can’t get a takedown. Body kick and a jab from Hernandez. Lead right, and again. Dober with a leg kick. Lead right from Hernandez. Dober fires back. Dober with three straight punches that land. They’re both coming up a bit short with strikes now. Dober with a low kick. Hernandez with a body kick. They both land rights at the same time. Dober with a big punch that drops Hernandez! He’s right back up but Dober is chasing him down with shots. Hernandez takes advantage and puts Dober on his back. 1:15 to go. Hernandez passes to half but Dober gets up. Dober with a big left hook and he drops Hernandez again! Back up and he gets a takedown but he has nothing left, so Dober gets right back up. He charges forward with strikes and staggers Hernandez again. He’s out on his feet, and the ref stops it!

Drew Dober defeated Alexander Hernandez via TKO (strikes), 4:25 of round 2

Ricky Simon vs. Ray Borg

Round 1 - Simon off to a quick start, with body work and leg kicks. Borg with a right hook. Simon lands one in return. Big combo from Simon. Nice takedown by Borg. Simon up quick. Borg with a front headlock, and down to his butt. He’s still against the cage. Borg scoots away. Borg with a nice uppercut. They exchange outside leg kicks. More body work from Simon. Nice combo from Borg. Simon responds with the same. Front kick from Simon. DC says he’s big, so Simon flexes his muscles. That was funny. Simon is on Borg’s back against the cage. Borg spins but Simon scoops him up in a single and dumps him down. He moves to side. Borg trying to upkick. 10-9 Simon.

Round 2 - They trade in the center. Simon with a fast combo and shoots. He dumps Borg to the floor. Borg back up quick. Borg with a lead right. Jab. Borg with a spinning elbow. He scores with a nice left too. Simon with a low kick and a jab. Borg with a right hook. Simon goes to the body. Again. Simon pops Borg with a jab as he looks for a jumping attack. Simon shoots but Borg stays upright. Jab from Borg. Lead left from Simon. Big exchange. Simon shoots again, and he gets Borg down. He’s on Borg’s back. Knees to the butt as they get back up. They scramble. Borg with a nice right. Uppercut and a body shot. 10-9 Simon.

Round 3 - Borg with a combo inside. Standing knee from Borg. Jab. Jab from Somin, but Borg digs to the body with a counter. And again. Nice left from Borg. It’s all Star Trek early here. Borg with a lead right. Another. Simon looks for a takedown and he just bodies Borg to the floor. He’s in side control out in space. Borg spins but Simon stays on his back. Borg spins into guard, and now has a front headlock. Simon just scoops him up and slams him to the floor again, but Borg is right back up. Clinch work against the cage. Two minutes to go. Simon has a single leg. He gives it up and lands an elbow. Borg smiles at him as they reset. Borg to the body again, Simon with a left. Head kick from Borg! Borg spins and misses. Snapping left hook from Simon. Simon with a single but Borg pulls away. Borg with a jab. Simon with his own. 30 seconds. They trade jump knees that miss. Borg with a hard combo. They’re throwing down. Borg is getting the best of it. Big shots! 10-9 Borg, but 29-28 Simon.

Ricky Simon defeated Ray Borg via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Andrei Arlovski vs. Philipe Lins

Round 1 - Jab to the body from Lins. Low kick from Arlovski. Jab from Lins. Inside leg kick from Lins. Lins with a couple of overhand rights. Arlovski with a head kick. They brawl inside, with both landing. They both land hard again, but Lins got the best of it with a counter. Inside leg kick from Arlovski. Lins with a hard counter right. They both land again, but Lins get s the best of it again. Inside leg kick from Lins. Body shot from The Pitbull. Two-punch combo from Lins lands on the chin. They clinch briefly. Arlovski with a big spinning back fist! They trade low kicks. Arlovski ducks a Lins right hook. 10-9 Lins.

Round 2 - Arlovski lands a jab to the chest. Body kick from Lins. Arlovski lands to the armpit. Inside leg kick from AA. Lins with a hard counter combo. Lins lands to the body. Arlovski clinches. He exits with an elbow. Leg kick from Lins. Lins with a right over the top. Slower pace this round, halfway through. Arlovski lands hard in an exchange. Inside leg kick from Arlovski. Lins returns it, but it’s right in the cup. The little pitbulls aren’t happy. Cornuts cam confirms. Arlovski takes some time to recover. Lins gets a warning and they restart. Body kicks from both men. Left from AA. Again. Body kick from Arlovski, but he gets clipped twice by Lins. Arlovski goes back to the kicks. Nice right to close out the round for Lins. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round 3 - Low kicks from Arlovski to start. Lins with a hard counter right. And then a counter left. Hard body kick from Arlovski. Lins returns it. They both connect partially with right hooks. Low kicks from AA. Big combo from Lins inside. Inside leg kick from Arlovski. Arlovski exits a clinch with a bit elbow. Lins fires back with two shots. Arlovski touches him. Inside leg kick from Lins. They both connect in a quick exchange. AA lands again with a right. Lins with a right. Inside leg kick from Arlovski. Another. 10-9 and 29-28 Lins.

Andrei Arlovsi defeated Philipe Lins via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Michael Johnson vs. Thiago Moises

Round 1 - Moises shoots quickly but Johnson sprawls hard. Johnson tags hin with leg kicks and jabs. He sprawls again. Johnson with low kicks and jabs, and some body work. Moises isn’t really throwing much at all. Johnson has him against the fence and is landing a bunch of straight lefts. Back to the body. It’s all Menace here early. Johnson again digs to the body. He looks for a late takedown but is stuffed. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2 - Right away, Moises presses and looks for a single. He basically just pulled guard and grabs a leg. He has it secured. He rolls, and Johnson taps! WOW! That was out of nowhere.

Thiago Moises defeated Michael Johnson via submission (heel hook), :25 of round 2

Sijara Eubanks vs. Sarah Moras

Round 1 - The exchange in the middle right away. Moras with a leg kick. Jab from Eubanks. Hard overhand right from Eubanks! And a head kick! Moras takes it. Another overhand right. Moras fires back. Body shot from Eubanks. Overhand right yet again. Jabs. Body kick. Inside leg kick from Moras. Both land jabs. Body shot from Eubanks. Inside leg kick again from Moras, counter from her opponent. Hard right, and a left from Eubanks. Inside leg kick from Eubanks now. Another overhand as Moras throws a kick. Body kick from Moras. Eubanks is landing the overhand right at will. Nice quick combo inside from Eubanks. Moras with a nice counter. Jab from Moras, and a right. 10-9 Eubanks.

Round 2 - Moras pressing early. She looks for a takedown but there’s nothing there. She settles for some knees in the clinch. Jab from Eubanks. Moras reaching with her strikes. Body kick from Eubanks. Jab from Moras, and another. Jab to the body from Eubanks. Big combo from Eubanks. Jab from Eubanks, low kick from Moras. Moras presses but eats a hard leg kick. Clinch battle. Knee to the body from Eubanks. Moras returns it. Short elbow from Moras. Knee to the body from Eubanks. Moras looks for a takedown, but gets taken down by Eubanks instead. Moras looking for subs right away from the bottom. She’s setting up an armbar. Eubanks steps over to half to defend. Big punches from the top from Eubanks. Elbows. Eubanks landing a ton of shots. Mount, but only 12 seconds to go. Moras gives up her back. More strikes. 10-9 Eubanks.

Round 3 - Moras pressing again to start. She lands a couple of shots. Hard right from Eubanks. Inside leg kick from Moras. Body kick. Front kick from Eubanks, and an inside leg kick. Head kick from Moras got through. Clinch. Two hard knees from Eubanks. Eubanks looks for a takedown against the fence. Nothing doing and they reset. Eubanks with two rights. Superwoman punch lands for Eubanks, hard. A left scores. Eubanks is piecing her up here. She catches a leg and takes Moras down. Moras trying to posture up, and she does. She is looking for an armbar. Eubanks is defending. She’s talking to her corner about what to do. Moras is holding on. Eubanks pops it out and she’s in side. Moras tries to use the fence to push out, but nope. Big GnP to finish for Eubanks. 10-9 and 30-27 Eubanks.

Sijara Eubanks defeated Sarah Moras via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Gabriel Benitez vs. Omar Morales

Round 1 - Benitez jabbing. Morales off to a slow start. Left from Benitez. Hard body kick from Benitez. Side kick from Morales. Low kick from Benitez. High kick from Morales. Hard lefts inside from Benitez. They trade high kicks that are blocked. Another hard left from Benitez. Morales wit ha solid right, and a left hook. He keeps kicking high. Inside low kick from Morales. Jabs from Benitez. They trade in he middle. Inside low kick from Benitez is checked. Right from Morales. Hard body shot and a right hook from Benitez! Another short body shot. Inside leg kick from Morales. 10-9 Benitez.

Round 2 - Morales wih a right. High kick blocked. Hard 1-2 from Morales. Eye poke but Benitez is good to go. Low kick from Benitez, Morales with a body kick. They trade body kicks. Counter right by Morales. Jab from Morales. Jab from Benitez. Counter from Benitez. Body kick from Morales. Back and forth we go. Side kick to the thigh from Morales. Body shot from Benitez. Morales with a big right and a hard body kick. High kick and a jump knee miss for Morales. Side kick from Morales. Another body kick from him. Benitez with a left over the top. Inside leg kick from Benitez. Left from Morales. Body kick from Benitez. Side kick from Benitez. Benitez throws his opponent to the mat at the horn. 10-9 Morales.

Round 3 - Benitez’s leg is jacked up from Morales checking kicks. Body kick form Morales. They both land rights. Body shot from Benitez. Counter right from Morales. Straight left from Benitez. Inside leg kick from Benitez. Outside kick too, and a jab. Nice left from Morales. Body kick from Morales. A nice combo to follow it up. Straight right from Morales. Benitez with a counter left to the body. Body kick from Morales. Another hard body shot from Benitez. Morales with a body kick, and a head kick. Benitez with a counter right and inside leg kick. Straight left from Benitez. Jump knee from Morales is blocked. Hard body kick from both men. Morales with a left hook. Benitez sticks and moves. Morales with a hard right. Body-head from Morales. Benitez with the body shot, and a body kick. Morales fires back. They trade to the horn! Great fight, and super close. I’ll go 10-9 and 29-28 Benitez, but it could go either way.

Omar Morales defeated Gabriel Benitez via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Hunter Azure vs. Brian Kelleher

Round 1 - Both men are jabbing. Body kick from Azure. Low kick too. He throws some leather. Kelleher with a low kick. Right hook from Azure. Counter from Azure. They clinch briefly. Kelleher digs to the body. Azure with an uppercut. Kelleher shoots but gets nowhere. Same again. Azure lands hard in close. Body shot from Azure. Inside leg kick from Kelleher. Azure lands a left as Kelleher spins. Azure with a combo. Jab. Again. Kelleher misses with a Superman punch and pushes Azure to the cage. Nothing doing. They both miss big left hooks. Now they both connect with them. Hard right hook from Azure, and a nice counter. They both miss head kicks. Front kick from Kelleher, but eats a counter right. 10-9 Azure.

Round 2 - Jab from Azure. Hard overhand right from Kelleher. Counter left from Azure. Body-head from Azure. Low kick from Kelleher. Nice lead right from Kelleher. Kelleher with a right, Azure fires back. Low kick from Kelleher. Azure fires back. Kelleher with his own again, and follows it up with a right hook. Azure with a great body/head combo. Again. A knee up the middle too. Hard body kick. Kelleher with a big right and a kick. Kelleher lands a right hook that drops Azure! He jumps in with hammerfists and it’s over!

Brian Kelleher defeated Hunter Azure via KO (punches), 3:40 of round 2

Chase Sherman vs. Ike Villanueva

Round 1 - Sherman looking to establish the jab. Low kick. Villanueva with a left hook. Hard low kick from Sherman. They trade inside. Jab to the body from Sherman. Low kick again. Villanueva with a nice combo that ends with a right hook. Villanueva with a counter left hook. Sherman with a left and a low kick. Body shot from Sherman. They trade some more. Nice body/head combo from Sherman. Lead right from Villanueva. Hard body kick from Sherman. Counter left from Villanueva. Another. Sherman with a big combo. Body shot and they both land hard. Huge overhand right and a knee from Sherman! Low kick again. Villanueva’s leg is hurting. Another and a combo, but Sherman eats a counter left. They brawl inside. 10-9 Sherman.

Round 2 - Nice knee from Sherman Villanueva wades in but eats a huge right and he’s stunned. Sherman steps in with a big elbow and Villanueva goes down! It’s over.

Chase Sherman defeated Ike Villanueva via TKO (punches and elbows), :49 of round 2