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‘Double Rainbow Guy’ Paul Vasquez, a one time MMA fighter, has died

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Viral video star Paul ‘Bear’ Vasquez passed away over the weekend.

A bright double rainbow over a ripening canola field Photo by: VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

According to CNN Paul ‘Bear’ Vasquez passed away this weekend. Vasquez was known across the world as ‘double rainbow guy’ after his video of a spectacular set of rainbows at California’s Yosemite National Park. He was 57-years-old.

Vasquez’s famous video from January 2010 currently sits at around 47 million views. The three and a half minute clip features Vasquez’s POV looking out over the mountains. Vasquez can be heard expressing his joy and wonder at the sight of a vibrant rainbow. His enthusiasm doubles when a second rainbow appears over the horizon.

After his video went viral Vasquez experienced a level of celebrity, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and in ads for Microsoft and Smartwater.

CNN reports that Vasquez lived in near solitude for much of his life. He moved to Yosemite in 1985, leaving a job as a fire fighter in East Los Angeles. Vasquez worked various jobs in and around Yosemite and continued to make YouTube videos up until his death.

In 2005 Vasquez added cage-fighter to his list of accomplishments. At Gladiator Challenge 45, fighting under the name ‘Hungry Bear’, Vasquez fought his one pro MMA fight. He lost that fight, to Ross Clifton, inside of a minute due to a keylock.

Vasquez uploaded footage of his fight to his YouTube channel in 2007.

Along with the video Vasquez included a description adding some background about the fight.

This was my strategy for loosing over 100 lb. I was going to die from obesity, I used MMA as a motivator to train and loose weight, I have since lost almost another 100 lb since this fight. For all the haters I dare any of you to get in the cage with me. It’s easy to say things from the couch, try actually doing it and see what it’s really like. My opponent God rest his soul was fighting his 8th fight while I was fighting my debut. He was 6’ 8” tall and weighed 425 lb 8” taller and 50 lb heavier than myself. To top it off five days before this fight I tore my left rotator cuff so my left arm didn’t work, I basically fought this experienced Giant with one arm tied behind my back. The fight was in 2005 I believe. I am listed in Shur Dog as Paul Vasquez. The fight was in Porterville CA for King of the Cage Gladiator Challenge.

No cause of death has been reported for Vasquez. According to Variety Vasquez recently posted to Facebook that he was feeling sick and was having trouble breathing. On May 5th he said he was getting tested for COVID-19.