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TKO!! Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje full fight video highlights from UFC 249 main event

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Watch video from the UFC 249 main event.

After a string of changes, UFC 249 was headlined by an interim lightweight title bout between an already former interim champ in Tony Ferguson, and Justin Gaethje. In a bout that pitted two action fighters and promised fireworks, it ended up as a mostly one-sided affair with Gaethje putting on a beautiful technical performance — on short notice nonetheless.

Gaethje outclassed Ferguson on the feet and is now the new interim UFC lightweight champion, and has set up a future clash with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Watch highlights from the UFC 249 title bout, along with a snippet from our live play by play of the event:

Round 5 - Ferguson tries to scoop an ankle right away, but can’t. Low kick from Gaethje. Front kick from Ferguson. Ferguson comes up short with a left, but Gaethje connects with the counter. Three punch combo from Gaethje with major power, and more leg kicks. Body kick from Ferguson. Low kick. Gaethje with another huge combo that sends Ferguson staggering back across the cage! WOW! Ferguson is still there though. Hard jab from Gaethje. Imanari roll from Ferguson, but he’s nowhere near Gaethje. Both of them land big shots. Gaethje lands harder though, and just pushes Ferguson over. Ferguson is stumbling because his front leg is messed up. Body shot from Ferguson. TWO MORE HUGE SHOTS FROM GAETHJE! How is Tony Ferguson still conscious? I don’t get it. He’s not human. Gaethje with another low kick and Ferguson limps awa, unable to defend himself. They finally, mercifully call off the fight.

Justin Gaethje defeated Tony Ferguson via TKO (strikes), 3:39 of round 5