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Covington wants island fight with Woodley: UFC can ‘throw his dead body to the sharks’

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Colby Covington wants to take part in Dana White’s planned island fights after UFC 249.

Colby Covington has taken things personal with Tyron Woodley. In a recent conversation with Submission Radio, “Chaos” says he now wants to fight the former welterweight champion in the private island that Dana White plans to secure as venue for fights after UFC 249.

“I think the most appealing thing to me about it is I can just eliminate Tyron Woodley from earth,” he said. “We can take him out to this private island, and I’d leave him unconscious in his dead body, and then they can just throw his dead body to the sharks next to the private island and we can just never heard from him again.

“The guy’s a complete dirt bag, man. He hates America, he’s a f—ng communist prick. This is the easiest sell ever, man. This is personal between me and Tyron Woodley, and they need to let me get my hands on him locked in that octagon. I promise you it’s going to be f—ng vicious.”

Covington is eager for this to happen, that he doesn’t mind if it airs on free TV.

“That’s what this is about, this shouldn’t be on pay-per-view. This is a time for the people,” said Covington. “The people, they need sports, they need to be safe. This needs to be free TV, ESPN, prime time. This needs to be on every single home in the entire world.

When I embarrass Tyron Woodley and I whisper in his ear how big of a b-tch he is and how much of a pussy he is as I make him quit and I remove his consciousness, and then they feed him to the sharks on the private island, this needs to be on free TV. Who says this needs to be on pay-per-view? The people need this.

“I’m the people’s champion, I’m Donald Trump’s favourite fighter, and it’s time to fight on Dana White’s private island.”

Covington and Woodley both offered to “save” UFC 249 when the card was placed in jeopardy after Khabib Nurmagomedov forcibly pulled out. Woodley, however, says he is now ready to “move on” from the Covington fight.