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UFC 250’s venue becomes hospital for COVID-19 patients, card not happening in Brazil

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, UFC 250 was removed from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Just like it was already expected, the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible for UFC 250 to be held in its original location, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Per Combate’s report, Ginasio do Ibirapuera, where the May 9 event was scheduled to take place, was turned into a hospital in order to treat COVID-19 patients while the numbers of cases continue to grow in Brazil, with Sao Paulo being the state with the most official confirmed tests.

Because of the change, all events scheduled to take place in the venue are called off until September, a deadlined that might be altered according to Sao Paulo’s Secretary of Health.

Although it was already rumored that the card was not going to take place in Brazil anymore, it yet unconfirmed to where the UFC will move the card, which is only one month away from its date.

As of the writing of this piece, Brazil has over 14 thousand confirmed cases of coronavirus and 686 deaths. The state of Sao Paulo leads the numbers with over 5 thousand cases and 371 deaths, of which 67 happened in the last 24 hours.

UFC 250 is expected to take place in May 9 and is scheduled to have a bantamweight title fight in its main event, between the champion, Henry Cejudo, and former featherweight title holder Jose Aldo.