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Teixeira wants Jon Jones suspended for one year after DWI: ‘UFC has to do the right thing’

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Light heavyweight veteran Glover Teixeira wants to see Jon Jones punished for his most recent mishap.

Former light heavyweight title challenger Glover Teixeira doest not want to see his division’s champion to get away scot free after his most recent incident.

Back on March 26. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jon Jones was once again arrested after being caught driving while intoxicated and for negligent use of a firearm that was also found inside the vehicle. So far, the UFC has not made an announcement on whether or not Jones will be stripped of his title or suspended.

In an interview with Ag Fight, however, Teixeira would like to see Jones pay for his mistakes, especially because it is not the first or second time Jon finds himself in a similar situation, which, in Glover’s opinion, makes it seem other fighters would not get the same treatment from the company.

“Were it up to me, he’d be out for a year. I have to look at things from my perspective, he’s already the champion, he’s financially stable. If we remove him, the line moves faster. I don’t root against him outside of the Octagon. Jon Jones f-cked up and it’s not the first time, but it’s complicated. I just hope he learns from that and doesn’t f-ck up anymore. It’s annoying. A friend of mine showed me a video of him crying when he got arrested. That made me sad. Who doesn’t make mistakes?”

“I do enjoy a drink, I’ve had a couple of beers and then went out driving before, but I was not hammered like he was.” Teixeira continued. “He had a bottle of tequila and a gun with him. he had to rely on his luck. I don’t know if he’s overconfident, but he has done that many times before. It gives an impression he does that all the time. If I f-cked like that, I would be punished, for sure. The UFC has to do the right thing.”

Back in 2012, Jon Jones was arrested for driving while intoxicated when he crashed his car into a pole. In 2015, ‘Bones’ also ran a stop sign and crashed his car into a pregnant woman’s car, he fled the scene on foot, but returned to grab money before leaving again. When searching his vehicle, the police found a marijuana pipe.

Glover Teixeira (30-7) currently rides a three-fight winning streak, with wins over Karl Roberson, Ion Cutelaba and Nikita Krylov, all in 2019. His last loss happened in July 2018, when he dropped a unanimous decision to Corey Anderson.