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Police release more bodycam video from Jon Jones’ arrest, shows gun and booze in UFC champ’s car

New footage released by the Albuquerque Police Department shows more details from UFC champion Jon Jones’ arrest on March 26th.

Self quarantine couldn’t have gone much worse for Jon Jones. The UFC light heavyweight champion found himself under arrest just days after cautioning fans on Twitter to stay home, watch TV, do nothing, and “not screw this up.”

In the early hours of May 26th, Police responded to reports of gunfire—only to find an intoxicated Jones in the drivers seat of his parked vehicle. A search of the car revealed an opened bottle of Recuerdo mezcal, as well as a Glock .22 handgun. Jones was recorded struggling with a field sobriety test, before being arrested. Later, in a breathalyzer test, he reportedly came in over twice the legal limit.

Newly released bodycam footage from the incident includes the police search of the vehicle where officers found the pistol stashed beneath the drivers seat, as well as the near-empty mezcal bottle.

“Oh geeze, let’s get sarge over here,” an officer can be overheard saying after finding the gun. Shortly afterward, Jones’ cell phone can be seen ringing as it’s placed into a bag. The caller ID says “Boo Boo Wild Thang.”

“You’re like, ‘This doesn’t feel right!’ I know. I can feel the hesitation,” Jones can be heard telling officers as he’s led, handcuffed, into the station.

After reading Jones his rights, an officer recounts the situation to Jones in the station, saying that officers heard a gunshot, and that’s why they were in the area. Jones was the only person in the area, along with two possibly homeless men standing next to his vehicle.

Earlier during the arrest, Jones apparently told officers that he “got stir crazy,” and “got pulled over, just being nice. Being nice to the homeless people.”

Eventually, TMZ reported that the negligent use of a firearm and open container charges would be dropped. And that Jones would plead guilty to the DWI charge in exchange for “96 hour in a community custody program” (essentially like house arrest), as well as a $500 fine, and 48-hours community service. Jones must also complete a 90-day outpatient therapy program.