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Cage Warriors following UFC’s lead, looking to secure ‘private location’ for 2020 shows

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One of the last major MMA promotions to pull the plug on parts of their 2020 event schedule, Cage Warriors looks like they’re hoping to get back to business in the near future.

Cage Warriors 100 Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images

The UFC may have lead the way when it comes to finding a workaround for current government restrictions on public events and travel during the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems like other promotions may be following quickly in their footsteps. At the very least, shortly following the announcement that the UFC would be “securing a private island” for upcoming UFC cards, Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan took to Twitter to announce that he had also found a “private location” for at least some of the promotion’s 2020 events.

Cage Warriors was one of the last remaining major MMA organizations to continue holding events amid the coronavirus pandemic, with a closed-doors arena show in Manchester on March 20th. Shortly after putting on that card, CWFC announced they would be effectively cancelling their next two shows.

Currently, their next fight card is set for June 13th, and was supposed to be held at the Viola Arena in Cardiff, Wales. Much like the veil of secrecy UFC president Dana White has kept surrounding the upcoming location of UFC 249, it appears Graham Boylan will be looking to keep his precise plans for the next Cage Warriors event close to the vest. What exactly the government response will be to these promoters pushing ahead with athletic contests amid the COVID-19 pandemic should be interesting to see.