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Video: UFC Fighter Reacts to Light Saber Fighting

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Check out what a pro fighter thought of some one-on-one light saber duels.

In the next installment of our latest series of UFC fighter reaction videos, we are showing UFC featherweight Kyle Nelson and MMA bantamweight Binaebi ‘Benny’ Otoru some light saber fighting.

These guys have already watched slap fighting and dambe fighting, so check out the video above to see what they thought of full contact light saber battles.

The footage Kyle and Benny are watching comes courtesy of The Saber Legion. For more of their videos please subscribe to their official YouTube Channel:

More content from The Saber Legion can also be found on their official site:

You can find more content from Kyle and Benny by checking them out on their socials.

Kyle Nelson:

Benny Otoru:

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