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Dana White says he’s ‘a day or two away’ from securing a private island for fights after UFC 249

Dana White reveals some flamboyant plans after UFC 249.

Dana White pretty much built his success on his very own “I get things done” mantra. While every major sports league closed shop indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC president is upping the ante.

In a recent conversation with TMZ Sports, White revealed some flamboyant plans after UFC 249, which was finalized on Monday.

“I am a day or two away from securing a private island,” he said. “I have a private island that I’ve secured; we’re getting the infrastructure put in now so I’m gonna start doing the international fights, too. With international fighters.

“Because I won’t be able to get international fighters into the US, I have a private island that I’m gonna start flying them all in and doing international fights from there. So as of April 18th, the UFC is back up and running.

“We have all our own planes and everything,” he added. “They’re gonna fly into the island, get the fighters.”

As for UFC 249, White also confirmed that Joe Rogan will be calling the fights, while once again blasting the media for “writing stories off a podcast that are full of sh-t.” The event will now be headlined by an interim lightweight title fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje. The venue, however, remains undisclosed.

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