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Report: UFC 249’s secret ‘west coast’ venue will also host ‘multiple events’ in coming weeks

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What pandemic?

Dana White is dead set on pushing through with his events during a pandemic, and claims that the full UFC 249 card will be announced soon. The UFC President, who along with other heads of sports organizations, met with Donald Trump recently, he seems confident in being able to host a show despite the policies — and risks — involved.

Details are scarce, with the UFC not wanting to reveal information just yet, but according to a report from ESPN, the promotion is confident that they will have a venue in the “west coast.”

They also cite sources saying that hosting it on “tribal land” without athletic commissions is also a possibility. Interestingly enough, ESPN also notes that this yet to be named venue for UFC 249 is planned to be the same location for numerous events moving forward.

“It is also expected, according to sources, that the UFC will hold multiple events over the coming weeks in this same new location.”

While not yet signed, they also state that Justin Gaethje vs Tony Ferguson is still the targeted main event with Khabib Nurmagomedov out.

UFC 249 is still two weeks out, and despite any incoming announcements to promote the card, the coronavirus pandemic is supposedly not yet at its peak, so a lot can still change. Everything could be different in the coming days, especially in regards to this still secret venue they want to host several shows in, but I guess we will see what happens.