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UFC’s Nikita Krylov: ‘Large extent’ of coronavirus is passed on ‘through the TV’

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Yes, you read that right. Nikita Krylov thinks the coronavirus is passed on through the TV.

UFC light heavyweight Nikita Krylov has an extremely bizarre theory on how the coronavirus has been spread, and that’s through the television.

The Ukrainian Krylov (26-7) most recently fought behind closed doors at UFC Brasilia last month, winning by unanimous decision against Johnny Walker. That event was the last the UFC was able to host before cancelling their most recent shows such as UFC London due to the outbreak of the virus.

Krylov spoke recently to RT about his unusual theory on the global pandemic.

“I’m trying not to think about it. I think to a large extent the coronavirus is transmitted through the TV. People who constantly think about it are at the biggest risk of being infected.

“I want to believe that all this is temporary, but this trend [of border closures and restrictions] is happening everywhere, stronger quarantines, from Monday public places have been closed. People are worried.”

One point that Krylov made that did make sense was that fighters who had fights scheduled for events such as UFC Columbus that were cancelled due to COVID-19, should be given the chance to fight first when the promotion can host events again after the pandemic.

“Because of the coronavirus, a lot of fighters have lost the chance to compete, which means there will be lines [of fighters] for future shows. I think that those fighters [who saw bouts cancelled] should be given the chance to return to the octagon first.”