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Yes, official UFC branded face coverings are now available for order

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Absolutely true story. All profits will be donated to Direct Relief.

The balls roll and the fists fly in Nicaragua Photo by Carlos Herrera/picture alliance via Getty Images

If you are in need of face coverings amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the UFC has you, uh... covered.

The UFC Store unveiled officially branded face coverings, priced at $25 for a three-pack set. They are available on pre-order with a scheduled shipment start in late May. In case you are wondering, the UFC intends to donate all of the profits from these sales to the non-profit organization Direct Relief.

“UFC Supports COVID-19 Relief Efforts with licensed Face Coverings. UFC and LGM do not profit from the sale of the licensed ‘UFC Face Coverings’. 100% of the profits from sales of UFC licensed face coverings will benefit Direct Relief, a non-profit organization that coordinates with public health care authorities, non-profits and businesses globally to provide assistance in the form of personal protective equipment, or PPE, and essentials to healthcare workers.”

You may not be able to hide from coronavirus, according to Dana White, but I suppose the UFC is willing to help you out anyway. You put money into their pockets, in turn that money goes to Direct Relief.

Masks or some form of face coverings are now required in some shopping places such as Costco, both for customers and workers. This has also been ordered for New York residents whenever they go out in public and cannot maintain physical distancing.

So if you absolutely want to be the person who’s going outside donning a UFC-branded face covering as we get through this pandemic, you may get your supply as early as the end of next month for the low, low price of just $25.