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Dana White says Fight Island is going to be around for a long time

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UFC president Dana White says Fight Island ‘is going to be around for a while.’

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Coronavirus or no coronavirus, Fight Island is here to say.

At least that’s what UFC president Dana White hinted at during a Reddit AMA on Wednesday, where he said Fight Island is likely going to be around long after the coronavirus crisis is over.

“Dana, can you please make Fight Island a regular thing even after we’re past the pandemic?” Reddit user Marbled Nightmare posted. “Not necessarily for big PPV-level events, but for like a contender series type thing, or TUF, or prospect/amateur tournament. It’s a great idea I don’t think should be used as a one-off or temporary thing. Just seems like a great concept with a lot of potential to use periodically.

Also, can you give a general location of Fight Island? Obviously you’re hush hush on location, but everybody’s curious. Is it near Australia? Caribbean? Indian Ocean? Florida Keys? Give us SOMETHING vague enough so nobody figures it out but enough to give us an idea.”

To which Dana responded, “it’s gonna be interesting how this thing plays out over the next year or so. which is exactly why the investment into fight island makes so much sense for me. who knows how sports will change after this pandemic... it’s gonna be an interesting year. Fight Island is going to be around for a while.

Can’t send location yet.”

UFC Fight Island, which is expected to host international events during the covid-19 pandemic, is expected to launch in June and will feature an Octagon on the beach.

“Fight Island should be up and running in June. So I should be able to start running international events in June. From May 9 to May 23, we’ll knock out four shows. And then in June we can start international stuff on the island.

“We really are putting an Octagon on the beach. There’s going to be training facilities there for people. There are hotels. And the whole island is going to be built, all the infrastructure is going to be built for the UFC to come do fights there.”

UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy has requested to live on Fight Island and would like to fight at least six times a year.

“With all seriousness, let’s run it. I will live on it and break my own record that I tied last year, 100 percent. Five fights in one year, tied for first. If he’ll have me, we’ll go for six of them (on the island).”