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Mark Hunt scoffs at safety measures for UFC 249: ‘They don’t give a sh-t’ if fighters die

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Mark Hunt continues his tirades against the UFC.

Over the years, UFC veteran Mark Hunt has been clear and vocal about his disdain with his former employers. It doesn’t look like his gripes will be over any time soon.

After recently expressing support for the class-action lawsuit against the organization, he also had some words for the UFC for pushing through with its planned events, health and safety measures notwithstanding.

“Look why they’re there,” Hunt told MMA Fighting. “They let juiced-up cheaters fight against guys who don’t cheat, and they don’t give a sh-t if they die or not.

“Look how they treat the fighters. You think the UFC actually cares about the fighters or the people who watch? Look what they did with Jon Jones. They moved his show in one week from Las Vegas to California.

“They took all the fans that paid to go there to go f—k themselves on Christmas,” he continued. “And all the fighters who fought on the card lost 10 percent of their purse? You think the UFC cares about people? They don’t give a sh-t. People need to actually see what they’re really doing.”

Hunt’s relationship with the UFC began to sour three years ago when he found out about Brock Lesnar’s failed drug test after their fight a year prior. He filed a RICO case in early 2017 against the company, president Dana White, and Lesnar, a bulk of which was dismissed by the Nevada District Court two years later.