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Grappling Report: Chael Sonnen wants Craig Jones to face Rafael Lovato Jr. at SUG 14

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

Forget about ‘Fight Island,’ this week has been all about Chael Sonnen’s secret gym and the Submission Underground.

While to many Vinny Magalhaes is known for his TUF run and his stint in the PFL, to grappling fans he is known firstly as an ADCC champ and for his maxim that leglocks aren’t effective in grappling. Magalhaes famously defeated Gordon Ryan in a match where Ryan got close with a number of heelhooks, when Magalhaes was declared victorious he announced that “leglocks don’t work” and a meme was born.

Since that match with Ryan, Magalhaes hasn’t backed down from that position. But, on Sunday that came back to bite him. Craig Jones injured Magalhaes’ ankle with an inside heelhook in the Submission Underground 13 main event.

After the fight, Chael Sonnen announced that he was trying to book a match between Jones and Rafael Lovato Jr. for the next edition of SUG which goes down at the end of May. On paper Lovato Jr. is more accomplished than Jones in the world of grappling, but while Lovato Jr. has been focusing on MMA, Jones has become a two-weight Polaris champion and a ADCC silver medalist.

Has Lovato Jr. got what it takes to end Jones’ unbeaten SUG run?


Rice Brothers Jiu Jitsu have announced that they are going to defy the stay at home order in Redding, California. The brothers have announced that they are opening their gym because they have unpaid bills and their landlord isn’t willing to waive rent.

Fight 2 Win have made tentative plans to make their return in May. The organization, which airs on, has been on hiatus since cancelling a show due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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