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Tyron Woodley says ‘hoe’ Israel Adesanya cowers at the thought of facing Jon Jones

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Tyron Woodley believes Israel Adesanya is afraid of Jon Jones.

UFC 228: Woodley v Till Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Tyron Woodley is at it again.

The former UFC welterweight champion has picked up right from where he left of on social media last week, this time calling Israel Adesanya a coward for not moving up in weight to challenge Jon Jones for the UFC light heavyweight title.

But first, some context: Woodley has had Adesanya in his crosshairs ever since ‘The Last Stylebender’ accused ‘T-Wood’ of ‘clout chasing’ or, in other words, begging the UFC for money fights.

“Tyron is reaching because he’s broke, or he’s about to be broke,” Adesanya told theScore (via BJ Penn). “He’s like, ‘I need anyone that’s not Leon Edwards. Anyone that can be a big cash grab.’ Tyron would take an ass whooping just to fight me as long as he gets paid good, put it that way. You should not be talking to me. You’re not a champion, so shut the f*ck up.

“The last Nigerian [Kamaru Usman] you faced, you faced him at 30 percent and he whooped your ass. And three, we’re black, I thought we’re cool. I’ve met him before, we’ve had good banter, so why is this guy calling me out suddenly? I dissected it, and he’s reaching because he needs money. I just can’t see any other reason why he would do that.”

@stylebender u sound like an idiot! The question was would I move up. The answer is yes. How TF is that calling u out? I’m just not a b*tch like U that cowards at the thought of @JonnyBones. If u could read U would see I said my goal is to get my belt back, then move up. Duh!” Woodley fired back.

“I gave u props zillions of time & never been a hater. Actually said u was a star. But what makes greats Great is fighting the Best. I’ll always want to fight who everyone think is the best. It’s How I earned my key. Now I wanna knock ur block off cause u a whole HOE!” the former champ posted in his follow-up Tweet.

Woodley hasn’t fought since he lost the welterweight title to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235, while Adesanya, 30, recently beat Yoel Romero in the lackluster UFC 248 main event to retain his middleweight title.

For the record: Adesanya has his sights set on a superfight with ‘Bones’ in 2021.