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Alexander Hernandez confident he’ll be compensated for cancelled UFC 249 fight

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Despite the scrapping of his UFC 249 fight, Alexander Hernandez is expecting the company to do their part and compensate him.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-San Antonio-Hernandez vs Trinaldo Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Lightweight fighter Alexander Hernandez was supposed to be a part of the original UFC 249 fight card scheduled for April 18th in Brooklyn. But after major changes and a couple of opponent pull-outs, “The Great” will no longer participate in the revamped May 9th event.

Nonetheless, the 27-year-old competitor remains assured that the UFC will do their part and duly compensate him.

“I’m curious about a paycheck – that’s the only thing on my mind,” Hernandez said on MMA Fighting’s What the Heck podcast. “I spent a lot of money in preparation for (April 18) because we got up to the week right before and it’s costly. It’s costly on your body, and then you have to pay your coaches, plus convincing and coercing those guys to put on during a pandemic might be a little extra.

“That’s the only thing I’m curious about. Anything else, to me, is as gray as it was when the fight got cancelled. I don’t think they’ve done a great job bringing any clarity, but also, that’s just the world we’re in right now. There’s not a lot of clarity.”

Yes (I’m confident I will be paid),” Hernandez added. “It was declared (we would be compensated) so I do expect them to come through.”

The company did compensate the fighters who were part of the cancelled UFC London card last March 21, which reportedly amounted to $20,000 max. For former UFC featherweight Leslie Smith, it is a meager amount compared to what she got from Bellator for her cancelled fight, which she claims was “more than double.”