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Mark Hunt voices support for class-action UFC lawsuit, calls White ‘a thieving little grub’

The Super Samoan wants to see the Ali Act brought to MMA and to the UFC. The fighters are getting “ripped off,” Hunt said in a recent interview.

Mark Hunt vs. UFC is far from over.

Hunt has voiced his strong support for a class-action lawsuit against the UFC with the goal of introducing the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act to mixed martial arts.

“Things will change when you bring the Ali Act in,” Hunt told Duello Channel (h/t MMA Junkie). “It totally changes things around. I’m with these guys that are part of this lawsuit class action. Once this comes, it’ll change the whole landscape of fighting. The fighters get paid more money, which is better for the employees. They’ll start living properly.”

The remainder of Hunt’s own 2017 lawsuit against the UFC was dismissed by a U.S. district court in Nevada in Nov. 2019. Clearly, however the former interim heavyweight title contender isn’t about to back away from his criticism of the promotion.

“These bosses and guys that own the company, these [expletive] like Dana will say all this… ‘We’ve got to do this and that. All these things will work out.’ At the end of the day, he’s just a grub,” Hunt said. “He’s a thieving little grub. That’s all he is.”

The “Super Samoan” hopes to help young fighters earn a better living competing in MMA.

“They’re getting ripped off.” I know how they do it,” Hunt said. “That’s why we’re in a couple of these lawsuits. It’s a sad thing to see these fighters coming through – young fighters thinking they can get some good money. They just fall to the side like the rest of them. When you get the champions asking for more money, you know there’s something wrong. When a guy like Stipe [Miocic] or the other champions ask for more money – he’s the champion of this company. Why is he asking for more money? Something to think about.”

“Most of the fighters are just scared to talk about it,” he added. “A lot of the fighters are scared to speak up about it. You’re actually fighters not just in the octagon, but everywhere. To get guys like this to come around to kiss-ass these (expletive) guys like Dana White, it’s a joke. He’s just a joke. He’s an idiot.”

*A previous version of this post claimed that Hunt had “joined” the UFC lawsuit. The representatives for the case have already been named, Hunt is likely automatically a plaintiff in a settlement should the case get class action certification.