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Jan Blachowicz will only fight for a title next, ‘ready to beat’ Jon Jones

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The light heavyweight contender is willing to compete during the current global pandemic but insists he must get a full training camp.

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Prague-Blachowicz vs Santos
Jan Blachowicz
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Jan Blachowicz has made his next steps very clear. Either he’ll fight for a belt or he just won’t fight at all.

The next title contender in the light heavyweight division hasn’t currently been decided but there are two men leading the way. Dominick Reyes believes his performance against Jon Jones in February warrants an immediate rematch, while Blachowicz (26-8) thinks that his recent first-round knockout of Corey Anderson proved he is ready for his own shot at the belt.

Recently on Twitter, Jones alluded to the fact that he would like to face Blachowicz next but the Polish fighter hasn’t yet received any word from the UFC about who he will step into the cage with next. However, from a conversation with the organisation before his last contest, the 37-year-old hopes a verbal agreement will be adhered to.

“I am still waiting for some news from the promotion,” said Blachowicz. “They said that if I beat Corey, my next fight would be for the title. For me, that’s the situation. I have already mentioned that my next bout will only be for a belt and I’m sticking to that. I’m just waiting for the date and location. I won’t accept a fight not for the title.”

Blachowicz is currently at home in Poland and is managing to train everyday in a ‘secret’ location. He claims that he can work on everything he needs there, albeit with a smaller team. The former KSW light heavyweight champion deems that those who he is training with now are the most important people to help him achieve what he intends to. Despite the social distancing measures and travel restrictions in place, Blachowicz believes he will be pretty much just as ready to compete now as he would have been off the back of a full camp before the global pandemic. He would have no problem accepting a fight during the coronavirus outbreak as long as he is able to get a complete training camp.

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Blachowicz revealed that following an inconsistent start to his UFC career, he returned to his old coach who was key in helping him get signed to the world’s biggest MMA promotion. He originally made the change because he thought he would have to make adjustments in order to step up and take on the very best in his weight class. The European standout thought that he would have to prepare in a different kind of way but now realises that wasn’t the correct decision.

“It was the biggest mistake I have made in my life,” stated Blachowicz. “However, I’m now back at Warsaw Athletic Centre and everything is back to how it should be. It’s perfect. My coach knows me so well and is aware of what I respond positively and/or negatively to. He is a really good trainer and he can see when I am tired. We worked together for more than ten years and he knows me like my father. That’s also the case for the whole team.”

Current light heavyweight king, Jon Jones, was recently arrested for an aggravated DWI and for negligent use of a firearm and at this stage, it is unknown if that will affect his ability to defend the belt. Blachowicz described his latest run in with the law as ‘nothing new’ and explained that he is ‘still the same Jon Jones’ but admitted that he doesn’t really care what ‘Bones’ gets up to outside of the octagon. He acknowledged that Jones is a great champion and that will make it feel even better when he becomes the first to defeat him for real inside the cage.

“I just want to beat him and if I’m given the chance, I’ll do just that,” declared Blachowicz. “He was dominant for so many years but other fighters have caught up to his level now. That is why some of his most recent bouts have been much closer than those earlier in his career. He is the same competitor that he has always been but we are better. I will prove that I can beat him and I’ll show the world that there can be a different champion.”

“I’m capable of doing what no one else has done before because I am Jan Blachowicz and have the legendary Polish power. That’s it. I don’t think other guys have been ready for him but I am. Mentally and physically everything is good. I am ready for him. I am ready to beat Jon Jones.”