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Former MMA fighter turned alleged gangster found dead in Russia

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Maxim Kostin was discovered dead in an underground parking lot with five bullet wounds.

Earlier this month, a former MMA fighter turned gangster was found murdered in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Maxim Kostin, 34, was discovered dead in an underground parking lot. According to reports, he was shot multiple times in what appeared to be a conflict between rival gangs. Kostin reportedly died on the spot and his body was discovered the following day.

Police authorities in the Kaliningrad region launched a criminal investigation and requested anyone with knowledge of the situation to come forward. Since then, several residents have come forward and suggested that Kostin was involved in criminal activities.

“Everyone knew that he was engaged in criminal things, and no one had any business with him,” an anonymous source reportedly said.

On paper, Kostin was an entrepreneur who co-owned Patriot LLC, a company that provided car and taxi services. However, the company was liquidated in December 2018.

Apart from his criminal dealings, Kostin was also a former MMA fighter who competed in regional competitions across the Russian Federation. He was reportedly a master of sport in combat sambo and a champion in Russian pankration. Officially, however, he has a 0-1 record in MMA following a submission loss at a GFP - Golden Fist Russia event back in 2010.

“Regardless of whether the person was good or from criminal circles, we hope that law enforcement agencies will solve this case,” the anonymous source continued. “This is not Chicago.”