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SUG 13 results and video: Magalhaes refuses to tap to Craig Jones’ heel hooks, gets injured

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Here is a rundown of Sunday’s Submission Underground 13.

QUINTET Ultra Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

While the entire sports world goes on an indefinite hiatus, Chael Sonnen does otherwise and says the show must go on. On Sunday, he pushed through with Submission Underground 13, his second event amid the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Held in the same empty converted grain silo from the previous event, SUG 13 had ten featured matches that were headlined by elite level grapplers Craig Jones and Vinny Magalhaes. It was preceded by a matchup between Bellator’s Austin Vanderford and 10th Planet’s Richie Martinez.

And kicking off the main card was a match between UFC veteran Jake Ellenberger and Gabriel Checco.

Craig Jones vs. Vinny Magalhaes

Jones engaged the action by sitting to half-guard and going for a lower limb. He did secure Magalhaes’ left leg and went for a bellied down heel hook, which Magalhaes escaped from.

A few conversations and scrambles later, Jones once again grabbed hold of the left leg for another heel hook attempt, but was unable to finish.

The action slowed down and the two men continued to talk to each other. It came to a full halt after Magalhaes verbally submitted due to an apparent injury on his left leg, which was believed to be caused by the previous heel hook attempts.

Craig Jones def. Vinny Magalhaes via verbal submission (4:21 of regulation)

Richie Martinez vs. Austin Vanderford

Vanderford started the action playing rough, while Martinez looked to engage from guard. However, the Bellator welterweight made sure to keep distance, which he successfully did throughout the entire five minutes in regulation.

Vanderford had the slight edge during overtime, escaping the submission attempts quicker than Martinez did.

The final sequence during the second overtime had Vanderford on back position. Martinez tried to scramble out but Vanderford transitioned to a head-in-arm position. A few seconds later, Martinez taps. Mr. Paige VanZant with the upset victory.

Austin Vanderford def. Richie Martinez via arm-triangle (0:44 second overtime)

Gabriel Checco vs. Jake Ellenberger

Right off the bat, Checco was looking to play guard as Ellenberger tried to get to a dominant position. The UFC vet did make his attempts when he went for a guillotine during one of the scrambles.

Checco eventually got to guard and went to mission control. He immediately grabbed an overhook as soon as Ellenberger placed his right arm on the mat and maintained control from there.

He began setting up a triangle choke as Ellenberger attempted to posture up and pass, but did from the side of the overhooked arm, as if he was going for an omoplata. Checco eventually locked up the triangle and finished it by pulling his right knee towards his chest.

Gabriel Checco def. Jake Ellenberger via reverse triangle choke (1:52 of regulation)

Preliminary card results (H/T MMA Junkie):

Ethan Crelinsten def. Andrew Alexander via rear-naked choke (1:00 first overtime)

Don Stoner def. Alex Larmey via escape time – Full time

Joe Baize def. Nicholas Maximov via heel hook (2:31 of regulation)

Cris Lencioni def. Gabriel Austin Daffron via escape time – Full time

Charlie Gilpin def. Jake Smith via kimura (1:38 of regulation)

Eric McConico def. George Martinez via armbar (0:04 first overtime)