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Tweet of the Day: Jon Jones complains about attention from MMA media during pandemic

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Jon Jones doesn’t like the attention he gets from doing things that get attention.

Jon Jones, who has been one of the greatest fighters of all time, isn’t happy with the attention he gets during this pandemic. The controversial and talented UFC light heavyweight champion took to twitter to complain about the MMA media.

“It’s funny to see how many MMA reporters and fighters can’t go a few episodes or interviews without discussing me,” Jones wrote on social media. “There’s seriously a pandemic going on guys. Is there nothing more important going on in your world ‍♂️”

Yes, there is indeed a pandemic going on right now, but let’s review how the UFC star himself made sure he’s dominating the headlines even without MMA events going on. During that short stretch, Jones engaged in several social media beefs with Dominick Reyes, Jan Blachowicz, and Israel Adesanya. He also sent out a bizarre and uncalled for remark about Anthony Smith’s family and home invasion.

If that wasn’t newsworthy enough, Jones was also on video getting arrested (again) for shooting a gun and driving while intoxicated. He then accepted a plea deal that saved him from jail time as a repeat offender.

Jones also recently spoke about how easy it is to market himself and spread his intended message all over by simply tweeting and deleting insults on social media.

Somehow, after bragging about how easy it is to get attention, Jones now complains about the attention he gets from doing things that grab attention. Interestingly enough, the MMA media still decided to do their jobs and talk about MMA’s biggest stars. A shocking development, indeed.